A brief, perfect afternoon

chapter 1

I was waiting in the gorgeous hotel suite, thinking what a waste it was for just a few hours, when It occurred to me to explore a little more. I was already quite full, having eaten literally all day in preparation for this first meeting. I rubbed my round, swollen belly absentmindedly, thinking of what was filling it up: four scrambled eggs with cheese, four pieces of buttery toast, a half pound of bacon and another of sausage, both cooked til their edges were crispy, two Belgian waffles with cream and strawberries, several filled muffins, and a foot long provolone, roasted peppers, and romaine lettuce hero, not to mention several very large cups of coffee with lots of cream and sugar, and a couple of smoothies. I moaned quietly, thrilling to the sloshy weight of my belly as I moved awkwardly around the suite.
As I opened the cabinet and closet doors, I found a whole kitchen, with a huge fridge and freezer. It was STUFFED with food. It had literally every item we'd ever talked about, from unstuffed eclairs, cream puffs, and cannoli next to tubs of whipped cream, custard, and cannoli filling. I swooned a bit, catching the door frame to hold me up. I sort of knew this was what I had agreed to, but it was definitely far more opulent than I had imagined.
I grabbed an Orangina and headed back to the living room. As hard as it was to sit up when I was stuffed so tight, I didn't want to 'cut to the chase' too quickly, so I propped myself up in the couch and arranged myself as best I could.
I heard the door handle turn, and held my breath. After all, I had never seen him; I had just been seduced by his low, sensual voice and his wild imagination. He stepped in, and my breath caught for a second or two--he was the most gorgeous, sexy man I'd ever seen. Tall, greying hair and beard, massive shoulders and an even bigger belly. He took the room in three steps, appearing in front of me on the couch and kneeling down to kiss me gently before he put his hands around my belly, feeling how taught it was, how much it could tolerate, and how I responded. As our eyes met, I said, "I've been thinking about you for weeks now, and this morning all I could do was eat. My belly is so ready for you--please feed me?"
He looked at my expression carefully, and then at my belly, and then at my face again, before whispering "Are you sure?" I pressed his hands into my belly, saying "Yes, I'm sure." He went into the kitchen, grabbed the box of cannoli shells and the tub of filling, found the pastry bag and nozzle, and came to sit on the floor next to me. We stroked each other's arms and faces for a few minutes, still not sure this moment had finally arrived. But then something came over us both, and he handed me a shell and then filled the pastry bag like it would disappear if he stopped moving for even a second.
I held the cannoli for him to fill, my hands shaking, and he did it perfectly. I ate the cannoIi ridiculously fast, in three big bites, and grabbed another. When this wa filled, I put one end in his mouth, the other in mine, and in very short order, our cannoli cream filled mouths were kissing deeply.
After we had eaten the whole dozen in various ways and combinations, I moaned loudly and asked if he would kiss me some more. My hands explored the expanse of his back, so delighted by the feeling of being wrapped up in these huge arms and hand.
He pulled away a little, lookingme right in 5he eye, and said, "Are you full, lil one? Happy? What shall we do next?" "Why don't you decide, please?" So he picked me up (who can pick me up any more?!?) and took me into the bedroom, placing me on the bed (which he had already turned down!) and gently undressing me.
Once I was completely naked, he began to undress as well, and then he took out my toy bag. "How on earth did you get that?" He just arched an eyebrow and smiled. He took out my two favourite toys--a large vibrating butt plug and a pink acrylic dildo with a wonderful g-spot curve. He took the toys into the bathroom, where I could hear him washing them thoroughly. He came back, towel in hand, drying them, and then he took an ample bottle of lube out of the bedside nightstand drawer. He began kissing my outer thigh, slowly moving around into my inner thigh, and it must have taken him five minutes, at least, before he got anywhere near my clit.
He began first to lube up the toys, and then insert them, followed by putting a large piece of churro in my mouth. I moaned, in response to which he whispered "I want you to be completely, totally, and utterly filled up. No empty spaces at all."
[to be continued]
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Rufatyet2 1 year
So hot Dont leave me hanging 😉😍
Rufatyet2 1 year
Mmmmmm, so hot
Verychubbyte... 1 year
What a beautiful story, way to go
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A jem...brilliant, sexy, kinky. More please :-)