A change of appearance

chapter 1

Isabella was the epitome of society's beauty standards: she was tall, with tight abs,large breasts and a soft bottom. She looked like a Greek goddess with her tan skin, bright green eyes and long golden hair.

Times were hard; her parents had kicked her out a few months ago and she now lived with a roommate she'd met on craigslist and worked at a low-paying fast food restaurant. Most of her coworkers were quite portly due to the free food they got from the restaurant which was greasy and full of fat. Isabella turned her nose up at these people; she couldn't understand how someone could let themselves go so much and turn into such fat pigs.

But there was one guy named Mark that also worked at the restaurant who was actually quite handsome: he was tall with tan skin, jet black hair and brown eyes. The restaurant made the workers wear very tight uniforms, and she could see his well-sculpted abs through his skin-tight shirt.They joked around and teased each other a lot while they worked.

Back home, Isabella's roommate, Emma, a model who recently got fired for gaining a few pounds, and now sat at home by herself all day watching TV, eating junk food that she'd never been allowed to eat as a model, and crying over her lost job. They were pretty good friends, but Isabella secretly thought that Emma was disgusting with her habits, even though she'd only gained about 10 pounds at most.

Isabella was just ending her workday when her phone buzzed in her tight jeans pocket. It was from Emma: "Pick me up some burgers from Burger Heaven?"
"Do you really want the extra calories? You wouldn't believe how much grease they make us use when we're cooking." Bella replied.
"You're only making me hungrier."

Isabella pulled up in front of their apartment. The paper bag filled with burgers and fries sat in the passenger seat next to her, covered in grease stains. The scent wafting up from it was amazing and filled the whole car. Her stomach grumbled.

This is my first story on here, let me know if you like it! :)
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Badhansel 7 years
A very fun story. Keep it up!
Katkatkatkatkat 7 years
Definitely keep going! 💕 I love the way you describe their different bodies. It's awesome to have a variety of details to imagine! And it's lighthearted and sweet, not too coercive or humiliating (though there's definitely a time and place for tha
Skystar 7 years
Thanks guys! smiley
Wadegain 7 years
Great story! I'm liking where this could go.
Jazzman 7 years
This is nice. Please keep going.