A fat education

Chapter 1 - first lesson

*beep beep beep* You reached over and turned off your alarm, it was time to go to school. You lazily rolled out of bed and got ready. You then left your house and headed towards school and as usual you got a number of stares and curious glances, but after all this time you understand how unusual it is to see someone like yourself in this era. You got to school and looked round at the other 18 year olds in the class and found your friends and when the bell rang you took your seats, so the teacher could start the lesson.

'Today we'll be looking at the change in attitude to body types'
'You mean how it got so fat!' a student shouted.
The class giggled.
'Well, essentially...yes,' the teacher continued, 'I guess you could put it like that'
'It was around 250 years ago when it was found that doing just 20 minutes of intense exercise a day would negate any health risks from someone's weight. Any more than this would put extra strain on the body, causing the same amount risk as not exercising.'
'However, at this time the 'ideal body' was slim and people would spend a lot of money and effort on becoming or staying slim'
'Becoming slim!' someone behind you exclaimed. 'I couldn't imagine trying to control what I ate.'
There was a sense of agreement from the class.
The teacher grabbed her lower belly and jiggled it.
'And I couldn't imagine not being fat' she added.
'Overall, the average weight did increase, but only slightly. This is because people were sceptical and embarrassed about fat, fat people were often looked down upon as lazy and greedy'
'To be fair that is largely true,' a fat boy said behind you, 'I'm sure most of our dreams is to be a professional feedee, where immobility and gluttony are objectives.'
You could tell a number of the fat students fazed out to think about eating and being as fat as possible.
'It wasn't until one of the world's most famous celebrity's, Kim Kardashian, put on some weight that things started to change'
The teacher put up a picture, this woman had a massive bust and hips, but no belly. A second picture followed with similar proportions, but she was now accompanied by a large belly that spilled onto you lap. However, she wasn't big by today's standards.
'After this peoples perceptions changed and a number of other celebrities followed suit and with this, the average human weight started to rapidly increase. North Africa and parts of southern Africa had the most rapid gain as there were a number of communities which believed fat to be beautiful and desired on women. On the other end of the scale, East Asia took the longest to gain as being skinny was the norm and fat was ugly, people who had gained weight were often called out by family and friends and told to lose it.'
'I love it when my family say that I've gained weight,' an obese girl next to you said, 'you turned around and she made a subtle wink at you.'
The teacher continued, 'over time the average person became overweight, causing government policies to be enacted to support this. It became mandatory to have 20 minutes of intense exercise every day at every organisation, whether its where you study or work. Fat then quickly became beautiful, with many supermodels being the fattest in the world. Currently, around 95% of the world is at least overweight, with the average BMI being 33. That's essentially it class,' she paused, 'All this standing...' She fell into her seat and her huge belly burst between her top and trousers and spilled onto her lap, this was accompanied with a sigh of satisfaction. The boys were mesmerised by her soft belly and the girls dreamt they were as big. The teacher was a dark haired girl at the age of 27 and a height of 5'5", the students guessed she weighed around 490lbs. She always wore a tight top and leggings and through this you could see her belly was so big it doesn't separate into sections, and just lay on her thighs. She regularly snacked during class and although this was allowed for everyone, very few people ate as much as she could.
'Ok, I hope you've learnt something, but it's now time for your next lesson and I need to gorge.' she said enthusiastically.
Everyone struggled out of their seats and made their way towards the next class. As you walked out of the class the girl that winked at you, Rosie, walked up to you.

She was 5'4" and weighed around 270lbs. Her body was perfectly proportioned, she had large breasts, a 'tight' waist and large hips. However, she still had a FAT belly which spills forwards into her jeans. Her long dark hair rested on her shoulders around her chubby, pretty face.
'Hey,' she said.
'Hey,' you replied. What does she want? You thought. There was a brief silence.
'Are you looking forward to the next class?' she asked, searching for conversation.
'Haha, as you can probably guess, it isn't exactly my favourite', you gestured at your narrow torso.
'Yeah, I've always wondered how you find all this'
'Usually, I sit out the next class at the side...this and fat education aren't graded, so it doesn't matter.'
'I love it,' she said, 'just being able to stuff myself for an hour.' unconsciously rubbed her belly.
'I can tell,' you poked her protruding belly, making her giggle, 'I get to watch though, there isn't much to do otherwise.'
'Ooooh you lucky boy.'
'It is definitely fun to watch,' you remarked.
She stepped towards you, pressing her belly against yours, 'feel free to watch me,' she suggested.
She then walked off to her girlfriends and they all started to giggle. A friend of yours walked up to you and like everyone else in the school, he was fat.

'Wow,' he said, 'she's hot AND she's speaking to YOU! You know there's a rumour that some of the girls here really fancy you, I don't understand why since you're so skinny.' He squeezed your side, 'not an ounce of fat.'
You looked down at your slender body, it's true that you're skinny. At 62kgs and 6' tall, you're underweight by BMI standards. Throughout your life you've had many remarks like 'he's so handsome, if only he was fat', so this moment was difficult to believe.
'Yeah, apparently you make them feel fatter when you're next to them'
'Haha I guess that would happen,' you replied.
'Honestly, it's the only reason I'm friends with you,' he said sarcastically, 'but it is definitely a benefit of being friends with you.'

This is my first go at writing, please give suggestions to improve! I will continue to add to the story so I hope you like it!
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