Competition between fa's

chapter 1 - talking about fat girls

'Boobs are definitely my favourite,' said your friend. 'They are by far the sexiest part'

As usual you and your friend were hanging out and discussing girls and preferences and he was once again talking about boobs. As an FA you like big boobs, along with a wide jiggly ass and a large soft belly. Sadly, you've never been able to talk about your love for fat girls as all of your friends only ever talk about skinny ones. But, you thought, you might have a chance with this friend.

'Ok, skinny or chubby, what do you prefer?' you said.

'Well, chubby...chubby girls have bigger boobs and bums. To be fair, it's sexier to have that slight layer of fat all the way around,' your friend added.

'I definitely prefer chubby girls, I personally think chubby bellies are hot. Something to hold onto and play with.' You replied, hoping you were onto something.

'Really?' he said shocked

'Yeah, how big and soft they are and how they jiggle with every movement. Also, the weight of a fat girl when they're on top just sounds so good.' You weren't sure if you had gone too far.

'Especially 'cos we're so skinny,' he replied, he looked like he was getting into it. 'If having big boobs means being fat then that's cool.' He added.

'But how fat you would you go for?' You asked with some excitement.

'I could get with a properly fat girl, if big boobs which hang down...even if there's a fat belly as well, then that's pretty sexy.'

'Ohhhh, so like bellies as well? Does that mean you like fat girls then?'

'Haha you've got me.' He got up a picture on his phone of Foxy Roxxie. 'I think she's so hot. Look at all that soft belly.'

'Imagine how much she has to eat.' You said.
'She must be a greedy piggy to get so fat.'
'Look at this one,' you showed a picture of another model Erotica/Devouress and at 500lbs with a BMI of 90, she was massive.

'Wow.' He said in admiration.

'I know right, every part of her is just so fat.'

You both continued sharing of BBW/SSBBWs, going through pictures of Dankii, Breanna and others.

'She must get out of breath just from walking and she would crush you if she was on top. Her fat would just surround you.' Your friend was getting into it now.

'So you love the difference in size and squashing?'

'Yeah! I just wanna be squashed by all the fat.'

'I love the gluttony, well as the soft fat.'

'All of that sounds just amazing.' He said.

'I really think we need some fat girls,' you said, 'Why don't we go to a buffet and see what happens?'


You both went to a buffet to check out fat girls.
There was a 250lb girl piling food onto her plate.

'She's fat,' said your friend.

'I think we can get fatter.'

There were two 350lb girls squeezed into a booth.

'Now they're fat.'

'And it looks like they're gonna get fatter,' your friend followed.

They each had three plates full of food and were quickly stuffing their faces with it.
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