A gladly gaining girl

Chapter 1 - what a delicious relationship...

Kaliya was a silly girl. She did whatever her boyfriend Jonas thought best, and she rarely ever questioned it. So naturally, she obeyed him when he ordered her to sit her skinny ass down in the kitchen chair and allow him to tie her up. Kaliya giggled, assuming Jonas was going to do something cute or funny with her, but what he was actually going to do wasn't so funny at all. What he was going to do to her would satisfy his strange fetish, which had been nagging at him from the moment Kaliya accepted him as her boyfriend.
"Just sit tight and be a good girl, all right, Kay? Open your mouth, please," Jonas said.
Kaliya smiled. "Why would I do-" In went a cream puff, into her mouth. She gagged at first, then smiled and gladly chewed the cream puff and swallowed it.
"Umm, thanks-" In went another one, and Kaliya was forced to eat that one too. He fed her nine cream puffs, then allowed her to feed herself one more for good measure.
"Babe, my stomach's kind of full. Can we stop doing this please? Can you untie me now?" Kaliya asked.
Jonas chuckled. "No, I cannot untie you. I'm having fun, and you're going to be a good little piggy and behave for me, okay?"
Kaliya reluctantly obeyed. Her stomach was beginning to stretch in a way she never could have imagined possible, and as Jonas crammed a thick slab of chocolate cake down her throat, a baby potbelly began to sprout from what was once her slim midsection. Sugar cookies, pudding, pizza, and ice cream all found their way into Kaliya's growing tummy, and slowly but surely her belly ballooned up into a taut ball in her middle.
"Jone, I feel ill-" Kaliya protested as Jonas shoved another spoon of Butterscotch Delight into her mouth. It was painful, being fed so much, but Kaliya was gullible and loved her boyfriend, so she didn't fight back or attempt to escape.
"Oh please," Jonas chuckled, pinching Kaliya's accumulating round gut, "There's still plenty of room in there, my sweet little piggy. Strawberry or Fudge?" Jonas asked, producing two boxes of Poptarts.
"Fudge," Kaliya answered, looking down at her swollen stomach.
"Good answer," Jonas said, proceeding to feed her all sixteen Poptarts in the box. With that being it for the night, Jonas untied Kaliya and told her to go to bed.
"I'll see you in the morning, my little sugarplum," Jonas said.
"Ugh...Jone...I don't think I can get up...So...Full," Kaliya gasped.
Jonas tsked at her. "My my, are we admitting we're so fat we can't move? Don't worry baby, it's perfectly okay to be lazy. Here, let Joney help you."
Jonas lifted the much heavier Kaliya and deposited her in her bed, where he chained her ankle securely to the bottom of the bed so as to prevent her moving as much as possible.
"What about going to the bathroom?" Kaliya asked.
"The toilet's right there. The chain will allow you to access it," Jonas promised.

The next morning, Jonas surprised Kaliya with the most abundant breakfast she'd ever seen, and the best part was, it was all for her. There were whipped-cream slathered chocolate chip pancakes, slices of French toast drenched through with butter and golden maple syrup, oatmeal cream pies, juicy sausage links, cheesy scrambled eggs, and a bowl of jello salad. Beside the tray was a pitcher of Southern style sweet tea, which Kaliya glugged happily. Jonas fed her gently, sticking forks of hot egg into her mouth and giving her straight shots of whipped cream when she asked for it, all the while rubbing her swelling stomach as it filled to capacity. Jonas bid Kaliya good night when she finished her breakfast, promising lunch wouldn't be far behind as long as she rested off her first meal. After two hours passed, Kaliya was fed her second meal, mouth-watering cheeseburgers, hot dogs, golden crinkle-cut fries, half a pecan pie, homemade macaroni and cheese, and a bowl of chili, all washed down with a gallon of Mountain Dew. Jonas set four large bowls of potato chips and candy on Kaliya's nightstand, then input speed dials for Pizza Hut, KFC, Bertha's Bakery (A big local hit in town), Taco Bell, and McDonald's so Kaliya could order food whenever she wanted. He left for town to restock the pantry with sweets and goodies that he knew would fill out Kaliya's slender figure nicely, and while he was gone, more out of boredom than anything, Kaliya snacked and snacked. She snacked until most of all the food bowls were empty, then decided, Why not just eat the rest? Kaliya popped mini Milky Ways like pills, and crunched her way greedily through the remaining Lays. All the while she lounged about, confined to her bed, flipped through a few channels on the TV while all those delicious calories settled heavily in her corpulent belly and swelling thighs. When Jonas returned home, Kaliya was curious as to why he was doing this to her.
"Why do you think? I want you nice and big and round, I want a soft, cuddly, chubby honey, so I'm fattening you up until you're too plump to run away. I want you all to myself, K. Now, are you going to be a good girl and eat for me? Are you willing to gain for me?"
Kaliya nodded. "Oh yes! I'll do anything to make you happy, Joney. I'll gain a thousand pounds if you want. Actually, I like being fed. I enjoy being lazy and fat. Maybe this is what I needed all along..."
Jonas smiled, stroking Kaliya's soft warm tummy as it rested in her lap. He felt her sides for ribs, and to his delight, her ribs were already blanketed in a brand new coat of blubber, thanks to the non-stop feedings and the highly fattening diet that clearly went straight to her midsection. Jonas glanced at the four bowls that had been filled to the brim before he left. All of them were empty, to his satisfaction.
"What a good girl, eating all the food in her bowls! How nice of you to not be wasteful, baby K."
Kaliya grinned, then her smile dropped as her stomach grumbled.
Jonas nodded. "Of course you're hungry, poor little piglet. Guess what Joney got for you?" He went into the kitchen and returned with all kinds of scrumptious things, cherry pies, potato salad, a tub of cookies, cinnamon rolls, slow-churned ice cream, flaky croissants, Stouffer's Mac n' Cheese, fried chicken, grape soda, bacon, Twinkies, and six bags of assorted chocolates.
"You're going to have some of everything shortly," Jonas told Kaliya. Kaliya grinned with excitement.
"But first, let me call up Pizza Hut. We've got to celebrate your fattening, don't we?"
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