Skinny bitch, what now?

Chapter 1 - skinny bitch, what now?

No one appreciates a bitch.

An egocentric, manipulative, duplicitous bitch who gleans pleasure from stirring the pot and birthing strife and drama between everyone, tearing all others down in order to establish her own perfect self as the darling, innocent princess.

Clarissa Duvall is about as far from innocent as the Precambrian Era is different from the modern world today. Whether it be her craftiness and deceit, rumor-spreading that can embroil the entire school in a vicious battle, or her consistent inconsistency and complete absence of faith, she is always up to something.

And Veronica Gilmer has reached her breaking point with the shady ***.

It was ripe time to shatter everything meaningful and beautiful in Clarissa's flawless world, a world glinting with brilliant sunshine and daisies for as far as the eye could see.

Veronica loathed Clarissa and her Covergirl figure, that irritating, angelically sculpted, board-bellied hourglass and the thin, shapely blonde pencil legs extending underneath it. Those child-sized, richly tanned bronze thighs, tight and shiny with toned muscle that clung firmly to the femur just beneath the surface of their smooth, hairless skin. Those little twig arms that could snap off in a gusty summer storm; That heart-shaped, Cosmo-Girl cherub face and the lustrous sea-water eyes to go with it, eyes that feigned innocence and chastity, but, if the fine print was read, screamed of lies and broken promises, ruined dreams and aching hearts, hearts irreparably scarred by the one and only Clarissa Duvall.

All those videos, Clarissa; Can you take them back?

Veronica begs to differ.

The Internet has set in stone your cruel mockery and humiliation of the hapless, those victims you cleverly devised into your schemes and twisted plots in a successful attempt to destroy them. Now, you are unknowingly ingesting a unique formula which is reprogramming your anorexic brain.

Kiss your kiddy calves goodbye, Clarissa.

Say sayonara to your size zero.

Wish your wonder weight goodbye, and vamoose to your veganism.

You've strutted your stuff for far too long now, and everyone has come to appreciate the rounding little gut ballooning up on your skinny torso.

Only it's not so skinny anymore.

Your entire body is experiencing an alien feeling, the feeling of soft, squishy, marshmallowy flab accumulating everywhere, all around. Your pointed hips have softened and can no longer squeeze comfortably into Korean-sized pants. Now, when you don jeans, a plump muffintop overrides the top, spilling over into the fat pocket growing in your crotch and making you look absolutely ridiculous. Your gorgeous, enviable thighs are filling in nicely, and now they rub together with newborn chub that's making your hips nice and big. You're sprouting a double chin and soft, round, chubby cheeks, like an obese little kid's, and flab hangs from your depleted arm muscles like a sunken flag of defeat.

Now, when you wear a bikini, you're receiving no positive attention whatsoever. Now, everyone whispers behind your back, "Is that Clarissa Duvall? Didn't she used to be tiny?"

Your skinny, bitchy friends have ditched you in a haste, and are currently discovering your replacements so as to move on from your lazy, gluttonous ass as quickly as possible.

Veronica grins when she hears about her enemy's weekends lately; Lounging and lazing about in fuzzy pajamas and shoveling food down her expanding gullet while blasting Kpop YouTube videos on the TV, snacking, gorging, and stuffing her growing, bloated stomach to unhealthy limits as she packs on more pounds.

Now where's your flat butt, Clarissa? It rather appears like an inflated mushroom to me.

My you're turning out just like your Mummy, the person you criticized constantly and called rude names behind her back.

Even the plus-sized girls are impressed with your erratic gain.

Congratulations, Clarissa the Cookie-Crunching ***.

Perhaps you'll think twice before you torment someone else on their weight when you see those silvery stretch marks streaking your plump, once-perfect flesh in the mirror...
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