A plan in two parts

Chapter 1 - the first plan

The witch looked down at her little piglet. He was a man in his early twenties that she had kidnapped this morning. He was blindfoldes and tied up in the makeshift pig pen she had made. He had a pile of hay to rest his bony ass on. This would be a nice little project she thought. She had big plans for him. Yes she thought to herself, possibility enormous.

The man started to stirr and awaken. He groaned as he lifted his head only to realise that he had a blindfold on and was restrained. The witch chuckled a little as she watched the man struggle with his restraints  before he realised that it was futile.  The witch walked over to him and stroked his stubbed cheek with long finger. The mans name was Adam if she remebered correctly.
"Hello my little piglet did you sleep well?" She wispered into his ear. Adam jumped slightly at the sound of her voice and turned towards the sound.
"Whos there? He cried out. She chuckled again and ran a hand down his chest and abdomen soothing him with her magic.
"Shush piggy dont worry" she moved her hand up towards his face again.
"I wont hurt you at all just do what I say and you wont get hurt" He gave a weak nod in return and his shoulders slumped in relaxation. The witch eyed him up and down. He was far to skinny for her. Something needed to be done about that. She straddeled Adam and he yelped in surprise yanking at his restraints again. She lifted one of her swaying naked breasts but stopped herself before her nipple could touch his mouth. she looked down at his concave belly and realised that he had not earned a drop of her fatty milk before he had gained at least 30 more pounds. Preferably 50 if she had her way. So instead she stepped off his lap and conjured a pigs tray filled to the brim with magical donuts. One bite would get her little piggy hooked, one donut would destroy his metabolism. The rest would be converted into fat as fast as his belly could digest them.  She lifted one and brought it up to his lips.
"Open up piglet Ive got a treat for you" she pressed the donut harder against his mouth until he finally opened it. The donut had barley passed his lips before he groaned and greedily lurched his head forward to eat the rest. He quickly swallowed and groaned again with the lack of food. She knew he would be craving more already but she enjoyed watching her little piglet struggle with the bonds and groan in pain from the cravings. Finally she gave him what he desperatly wanted and loosened his restraints with a flick of her hand.

As soon as he was free, Adam lurched forward grabbing several donuts with his hands. He desperatly started to shove them down his gullet. Not bothering with the bits of frosting that stuck to his cheeks. He quickly devoured them all taking a small break to breathe. His belly was poking out slightly streching his t shirt slightly. They witch could take her eyes away from him as he reached for more donuts. It seemed that the magic in the donut had worked. He was totally hooked. She squatted and pattet his slightly distended tummy. He didn't even notice her touch. He just kept stuffing his face. The witch wondered wich shape he would fill out in. He was a stocky build to begin with and she guessed he would fill out nicely. As she was pondering over this, Adam had slowed down and he was now sweating slightly and groaning. The wich turned her attention towards him again. He was leaning back, his belly was full and heavy in his lap and the tray was empty. He looked absolutely adorable and the wich touched his belly and it was all hard packed with food.

"Did you eat to much piglet? It looks like you are all stuffed" she lazily began stroking his tummy soothing his aching and adding some more magic to speed up his digestion. He groaned with eyes half lidded as she squeezed a light burb out of him. Despite his comatosed state he still muttered a small "excuse me" under his breath. He looked so awfully cute like this she thought as she continued to rub his rock hard belly.

He looked up at her with sleepy eyes as another small burp made its way out of his mouth. His chin and face was full of smudges from the frosting, she giggled a little and thought it looked cute.
She continued rubbing his belly for a while, gently coaxing some air out of him from time to time but as time went on she could feel his belly changing. Adams bloat was going down but it was definitely not going away. His once firm taunt stomach was swelling outwards forming a small soft pauch under his shirt. His pants got tighter as his hips and thighs and ass grew. Filling them to the brim. Two lovely and oh so grabbable lovehandles appeard. But still most of his newly added weight went to his belly. And what a belly it was becoming she thought as she watched it continue to round out and swell under her fingers. Most of the weight had gone to the lower part of his tummy. She swirled her finger across the little lip of fat that was poking out where the end of his shirt and his waistband didnt quite reach anymore. His pants looked awfully tight now and they gave him a real big muffin top. A little more she thought and with a lout ping the button gave in. His new belly surged forward into the freed up space and continued growing like nothing had happened.

When Adam finally stopped growing he was a good 40 pounds heavier all around. His belly was sagging over his pants and his shirt had ridden up and was now only covering his moobs like a sports brah. His face had softened with a start of a second chin forming around his stubble. Even his hands and fingers had softened and looked like they had some extra padding on them. His belly was the biggest though.  His once concave abdomen was now a massive sagging ball of pure lard topped with two quite perky moobs. Some time around 30 pounds his pants had ripped on the sides. Now Adams thighs where trying to escape the rest of his pants.  That was a pleasant surprise, the witch though as she stood up to study her work. Adam was shuffling slightly, and pulling at his cuffs. It seemed like he was waking up from his food coma. She was quite pleased with how he turned out but she was not finished yet.

"I think you should have bought a bigger size of pants Adam. That pair wont be intact much longer" she purred as she walked straddeled him again, new belly brushing her naked thighs, and got ready to initiate part two of her plan.
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Built4com4t 7 years
That was fun to read and nicely arousing :-) thank you for the fantasy
BootyProotie 7 years
Love it my feedress will love it
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
I just want to reiterate how excellent this story is. If you ever want to chat about writing or maybe collaborate, let me know. Contact info on my profile.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I love how economical you are with words. You get right to the business of fattening, and it is excellent! I would love to see a sequel, but if this is all, how about another story? Same witch maybe, and a new -ahem- victim?
Growingsofter 8 years
Awesome story, please continue.
FrecherTyp 8 years
nice ;-) i didn´t like the stretch marks and cellulite so much but i would love to hear about adams reaction smiley

mhmmm but a witch .....:-)
Growingsofter 8 years
Collegeguy2514 8 years
Wonderful story, can't wait to read more.
Growingsofter 8 years
Love, please continue
Giantjay 8 years
Great first effort, looking forward to seeing where this fantasy goes next!
Fatnip 8 years
Thank you so much. Its my first ever work and I'm working on the second part already. I don't have a proofreader right now so yeah typos smiley If you want to give it a go I,m on tumblr as Fatnip there to smiley
Fatlilboy 8 years
You are doing a beautiful job - great description. You should get someone to edit this before finally sending just so the grammar and spelling is proper, but other than that (and I know - this isn't an English course; it's a fantasy site) it's really awe