Rebecca’s dream come true

chapter 1

Rebecca was on her way home when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She already knew what it was; she had been following his blog for about a month and had fallen for it immediately. He wasn't the biggest guy she had seen. He looked to be about 200 pounds but steadily gaining. Rebecca had turned on notifications for his blog after the first week of following him, the regular posts he made were just too good to miss. If she wasn't so shy she would have contacted him already. She was tempted to pull her phone out of her pocket and take a peek at the post but she felt nervous to do so in a public place.

When Rebecca finally got home she didn't waste any time, quickly taking off her shoes and jacket and whipping out her phone. It was a notification from his blog as she'd expected. It looked to be a text post. She unlocked her phone and read:
"I'm feeling a little bored today. Anyone want to chat? Send me a message. ^^"
She reread it a couple times. Should she message him? Did she dare? Rebecca walked into her bedroom and plopped down on her bed while pondering. Her thumb hovered over the "Message" button. Did she really want to go through with this? She pressed it and typed out her message:
"Hey did you want to talk? How are you doing?"
Rebecca sent it quickly without thinking twice. She spent the next 30 seconds just staring at her locked screen hoping for an answer. Just as she was thinking that a reply would never come through her screen lit up. It was him.
"Hey, yeah. I'd love to talk. I'm good thanks"

Rebecca was surprised by how well the conversation flowed between them. They continued to chat for the entire evening and into the early hours of the morning. She figured out that his name was Jack and that he was about the same age as her. They talked about everything and often ended up talking about feederism. Jack was aiming big when it came to gaining, his goal weight was 350 pounds. Rebecca was really excited at the thought of him blimping up to that size. After a few days he even admitted that he was looking for someone to help him along and that he really wanted Rebecca to do it. She couldn't resist that offer no matter how shy she was, the last few days had been the best she'd had, and the deal was sealed. They planned to video chat in a week. Rebecca felt both excited and very nervous.
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FrecherTyp 7 years
oh i like this rebecca already and the slow innocent start :-)