A shift in perspective

Chapter 1 - prologue - the position papers

To the POTUS and Congress,

We propose the motion to simply take a break. For centuries we have discussed the need to advance in society and we have all worked tirelessly in doing so, but do you not believe it is time for the human race to sit back and take a break? The human mind can only think of a set amount of ideas in their lifetime, hence the idea of a long vacation is unheard of. But we believe we should move toward a grander future with a fresh mind.

This is why we propose a small break and to make sure this hiatus is as relaxing as possible, we would like to hand out each family a robot who will pamper each individual excessively. This will in turn help the mind relax. The robots will be made to feed, de-stress, and to ultimately obey the orders of their commanders. To address health issues: the robots will feed humans only products with all natural ingredients. The robot will adjust to the individual's total amount of consumption as well. All of this will be free of cost for a month but will cost about $5 per month after it. We hope you will make the right decision.

GHC (Global Health Committee)
Date: 2098 January 2


To the POTUS and Congress,

Due to recent demands we are forced to bump up the amount our robots feed and pamper our clients. Weight gain has surfaced quite prominently with our product but it seems to be boosting its popularity positively.

We do indeed fancy this topic so much that we are launching a full nationwide launch of the PamperBots. They follow these new guidelines:

Assigned a robot at 18 years old.
From then on, people will be able to set their goals they would like to achieve and anyone can be as big as they please, but the larger one becomes, the more the bots will pamper you.

Apparently, PamperBots tend to feed bigger individuals a lot more food than they should normally eat which proved to be quite popular amongst them all and thankfully diseases such as diabetes could be cured with the Bots' technological advancements. Arteries clogging and other health risks have been cured as well. There seems to no disadvantage in our findings yet.

Also, an option for fatty foods has been added to menu alongside all natural foods; however, do not fret, because the fattier foods will not prompt health risks, as they are extinct (as stated above). It is simply another alternative to gain weight at a faster level.

We hope this pleases all of you.

GHC (Global Health Committee)
Date: 2098 October 17
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Benjamin 5 years
Good start you should continue!!