A usual day for dale

Chapter 1

(Disclaimer: I wrote this when I was 17 so if it sucks or is offensive, don't hold it against me)

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He loved her enormous belly especially since she was so fat. At 550 pounds, she was the fattest woman he'd ever been with. Dale loved Moesha very much and was not afraid to tell his friends and bandmates Vampire, Frank and Roman about it. It was Frank, who worked in the photography business that hooked them up 3 months earlier. Roman, Vampire and Dale were shooting their latest music video when they stumbled upon their friend Frank doing camera work for a plus-sized modeling session. It was there that Dale laid eyes on his goddess.

Dale himself was 6 foot 2 with blond hair and blue eyes on a very slender frame. She was 5 foot 8 and looked every bit of the 550 pounds that she was. She had a warm smile with extremely chubby cheeks. Her triple chin shook when she laughed which was quite often due to her incredible sense of humor. Her great breasts jutted out over her enormous 88 inch belly that completely hid her private area. Her thighs weren't relatively large for a 500 pound woman, but when she turned around you could see why she was so big. Her ass was as wide as most doorways and she often had to enter a room side ways to get her massive behind through a door. She was quite bottom heavy which caused her to waddle rather than walk, which Dale loved. Her arms were huge too and bulged out from every shirt she wore.

Dale was nervous the first time Frank introduced the two of them, but so was she. She was new to the modeling business and discovered that Dale seemed to be the first person legitimately interested in her. Roman was amazed by the sheer mass of Moesha but held his cool, meanwhile Vampire was visibly disgusted with what he saw. After a few dates, Dale and Moesha knew they were perfect for each other much to Vampire's chagrin. Roman was indifferent and Frank was happy as his two friends seem to really like each other.

Dale eventually got used to having to take special care of his goddess. Always parking close to entrances so she didn't have to waddle too far, making sure every restaurant they ate at had reinforced booths and chairs and always gave her love whenever he could. It was not unusual for Dale to take Moesha to breakfast, lunch AND dinner while his bandmates could never figure out while he stayed so slender. It was all good as Dale and Moesha seemed perfect for each other. Dale loved watching his chocolate goddess eat and she loved eating for him. She had never met a boy before that appreciated her for who she was and didn't try to change anything about her. He loved holding her pudgy hands when they walked together and kissing her full, warm lips was always a pleasure. They were having so much fun together.
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I love this!!! So sweet!!!