chapter 1

The commissioner opened his file and sighed heavily, glancing to the clock on the wall. Juri, the NEET who was meant to be signed on to an official handler today, had not shown. It is not an uncommon occurrence. Some of them think they can get out of it by not showing up, even if they already passed their two-year grace period. Most of them managed to find a job or start school in the time because they were frightened, and others would give in and take a handler with the intent to bring some good to the world. Juri is one of the outliers, who just slipped into denial and pretended nothing would happen.

Unfortunately, those that skipped out on their appointments were put into a seperate class. The office never confirmed it, but they allowed the rumors and whispering to continue to scare people into showing up for their fate. It was true, though. The ones who were totally uncooperative were given to a different type of handlers.

Handlers are supposed to protect and help their NEETs. Often they acted as parents or stern lovers. Anything to make the NEETS useful, even though they were classified legally as slaves. Because of that classification, some handlers were more interested in devious acts. Those who were rich and powerful enough could get away with it, and for a higher price they could be honest on their applications and not get into any trouble if their fiendish plans were ever discovered. It was all legal. They saved the lost causes for these types. It was better for society. The commissioner scanned over what information Juri's parents had submitted.

Name: Juri
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 120 pounds
Ethnicity: Japanese/European
Status: NEET (Income provided by parents)

Under 'notes', there was a note from the intake specialist. "Parents are bankrupt from supporting their son. The NEET will refuses to fill out paperwork, or leave his apartment. Government assistance provided to begin grace period, six month penalty applied for parental entrance into program. NEET can be contacted via mail."

Juri had never responded to any of the letters sent, but he had been cashing the assistance checks. Just another lazy, socially anxious child who did not want to do anything but stay home and play video games. A few decades ago, he would have been homeless. Now... The commissioner shakes his head. If only he'd shown up for his appointment. He stamped Juri's file "LOST CAUSE" in red ink and tossed it into the outbound files container on his desk. He was someone else's problem now.
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MangaBL 6 years
I'm starting to like this story, more with every word read.😍
Girlcrisis 6 years
I always really enjoyed reading your previous story and the premise for this one is brilliant. So much potential for evil...
Tommmy 6 years
Good start. Please continue