American pig

chapter one

Katsuo was a man who always got what he wanted. Granted, he was luckier than most. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was just lucky that the woman his father was technically married to gave birth to him, and not one of the man's many mistresses. That meant that it was Katsuo who was first in line to take his place as corporate executive when he retired, and that's where Katsuo got his name. Victory. Because even as the youngest brother, he won.

That didn't mean he got off easy. Oh no. He worked harder than any of them, and had to just to earn his keep. If he slipped up, one of his older half-brothers could swoop in any second and take what was rightfully his. His will was iron, and he was top of his class his entire life. When it came time for college he set his sights on Harvard and made it in with ease. He even forced one of his older brothers to escort him and serve as his personal servant. After all, that was his right.

He ended up picking Shin. Shin was the third born of his brothers, but the most loyal. He was smart, though not as smart as Katsuo, and it was his competence that drew Katsuo to him. He liked making sure his brother remembered his place beneath him in the line of succession.

Katsuo had barely spend six months in Harvard before he was bored, and decided to have a little fun. You see, Katsuo had a special hobby. Well, hobby was a nice word for it. A fetish, really. Some people would say he was a chubby chaser, but that wasn't quite right. It wasn't fun for Katsuo to just take in a pig who was already fat and supple, who might have some shred of self-confidence from being so large their entire lives.

He liked to take sweet, innocent young men and turn them into fat cows. Cumbersome, tired, lazy, and unable to cope with their new status until it was spelled out to them in letters as big and fat as they now were. He liked to watch them wobble as they tried desperately to cling to their old lives. He liked to see tears roll down chubby cheeks when they tried to pull on their jeans and couldn't get them up their fleshy thighs. He liked to see their futile attempts to work out, only to give in to temptation and stuff their faces until they were covered in the remains of their food and a healthy coating of shame. He liked to see the look of horror and embarrassment the first time their fat guts churned in public and they couldn't manage to hold back disgusting farts from the food he shoveled down their greedy jaws.

Because Katsuo was who he was, he was one of the few men his age who could engage in his hobby. He had the money to achieve it, and the means to keep it a secret. None of his boys could ever find respite. His father wasn't even any the wiser. He had four so far, all living in a penthouse constantly stuffing their fat little faces. One was so humongous he couldn't even move now, and Katsuo had to hire three full-time nurses just to keep his little sows functional and full to the brim. Of course it had been difficult to find medical professionals who were willing, but the ones he did find turned out to be willing and eager.

Usually Katsuo would just buy his victims. It was the safest way, after all. Guaranteed safety from any prying family or friends, but also... a little boring, he thought. It was no fun being the only one reacting. Of course he could take his victim out in public and watch and they humiliated themselves, but he always loved asking them "What would your father think of you now? Your mother? Your friends?". He wanted that answer. He liked watching them squirm, clearly picturing the reaction in their mind's eye, but... He couldn't see that. He couldn't see the scorn and disgust himself, and he wanted to.

And now, here in America... It was the land of opportunity, was it not? Fat sows were waddling outside of campus every day. Not the people he went to school beside, of course. They were intellectuals, they knew when to put down the fork, but when Katsuo ventured beyond... So many cows, everywhere he looked. So fat that it was impossible to tell some of the men and women apart. He surmised that even naked they'd look the same, with wobbling guts obscuring their genitals. A lithe little boy growing into a lard-ridden piglet here wouldn't surprise anyone, and he could probably spend a good portion of that getting his target to eat willingly.

Oh good lord, how much fun would that be? Watching a piglet grow into a hog and be able to say "Look what you did to yourself!" before finally tying him down and pulling out a funnel to finish him off? His entire body tingled just thinking of the possibilities.


((This is my first attempt at a dark erotic story. I hope you'll like it.))
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BulkBrit 3 years
This is one of the best stories I’ve read. It plays to my fantasies on every level, both as a feeder and a gainer.

I’d love to read more as Jordan ‘develops’.

Thanks for posting this
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Wow! How did I miss this gem of a story! Wonderful! I hope there is more... no pressure, but I hope there is more. smiley
GummieTummy 7 years
Holy. Hell. That's good stuff!
Ajchub 7 years
I really liked this story but the farting stuff got worse and worse and it's pretty nasty haha. But for people who are into that this is a good story.
Mrsuperghandy 7 years
Desperately waiting for the next addition. Truly love this story
Kitty8789 7 years
Chapter 5 is amazing... So twisted and devious in the sexiest way. The description of the Pig Pen, its inhabitants, and its gym, wow!
Tommmy 7 years
Chapter 5 was delicious ! Please continue it as soon as you're able. I love your writing !!!
Tommmy 7 years
Fabulous start ! I can't wait to read chapter 5 ! I hope you continue it very soon. You're a very talented writer !!! : )
Badhansel 7 years
Very good start! It is a delight to read something without spelling and grammar errors! Thanks
Barazion 7 years
Has very good possibilities. Keep writing!
Fatlilboy 7 years
Let me be the first to day - first attempt?? No way - this was extremely creative and erotic. Excellent job. It's obvious that you've done some thinking, reading and creative thinking of your own. I loved it!