Afternoon treat

chapter 1

I walked into the French cafe that I've visited 3-4 times per week since I moved to the city. I quickly scanned the faces of the employees to see if he was here. I saw him come out from the back. He was 6 feet tall with black silky hair and eyes the color of milk chocolate. His face broke into a smile when he saw me in the cafe. I love that smile and I melt inside when he looks at me. I snapped back into reality when the hostess came to seat me. Luckily she led me to a table with a perfect view of the kitchen. Opening my laptop, I glance toward the kitchen. Jean-luc is the owner of this trendy cafe and that's really all I know about his private life. In the three years I've lived here, Jean-luc had transformed from a skinny hipster in tight little jeans to the handsome guy that was being the counter right now. He had probably gained more than 100 pounds since I first saw him. He had a perfectly round belly that stuck out in front of him. He wears his pants under that magnificent gut now. He also rarely wears button down shirts these days. When Jean-luc comes to my table to say hello, he's standing so close. I wish I could rub his big belly. I smile at him and ask how he is. The tall handsome Frenchman smiles back and says he's better now that his favorite customer is in his cafe. I feel my cheeks turning red and I smile. I've always thought he was handsome but now that he had this huge belly, I would love to have the guts to ask him out. Obviously, he was never going to ask me out. I wonder if I'm too skinny for him. I've been petite all of my life, and have been told I should get breast implants because I look like a preteen girl, not a 26 year old. I start reading emails and try to steal glances at Jean-luc as he's working. Honestly, I'm not very productive when I'm working here but I love watching this man. I'm sipping my coffee and reading my laptop screen when Jean-luc returns with my pastry. He sets it on the table and tells me that he gave me the best one that he made today. I thank him and add that he's the sweetest man. Now he blushes a little and smiles at me. After he is gone, I start on the danish, daydreaming about being with him. I try to think back to when I first met him, I had just moved here and the cafe had only been open a few months. It was hard to remember him that long ago when he was so skinny. I remember when I first noticed he was gaining weight. I remember when he had a little soft belly over the top of his tight skinny jeans. Once that belly appeared, it took off and he had grown the perfect belly in no time. I wish he was my boyfriend. I would feed him delicious treats and rub his belly when it was full. My shyness was crippling sometimes and I wish I could just be brave enough to ask him out.
I thought back to high school when I first realized that I liked to feed and fatten my boyfriends. I dated a guy for freshman and softmore year who was gorgeous and went from an athletic body to having what looked like a beer belly. He broke up with me, saying I wasn't good for him. During my junior year, a heavy set guy asked me out on a date to the local buffet. I accepted and was delighted to see how much he could eat. I didn't think he'd break up with me if he got fatter. We dated through the end of high school. He gained about 80 pounds in those two years. I kept him well fed with treats. We went to two different colleges and tried to make it work. When we came home at Christmas time, he had gained even more weight. I thought he looked so sexy. He unfortunately had met someone at school who was feeding him now. I hadn't had a serious long term relationship since then. Now all I have is work, my girlfriends, and my imaginary relationship with Jean-luc. I just couldn't work up the nerve to ask him out. That could ruin everything.

The next week, while I was at the cafe, sneaking peeks at the handsome owner, I could swear that he had gotten bigger in the last week. I saw Jean-luc leaning on the counter while he was near the register. His belly was definitely bigger and must have been full. He looked like having it touch the counter was painful. I wonder if he had a big lunch. I bet he has a lover who feeds him and wants to fatten him. I wish it could be me. I noticed that he had gone to lean against the wall and rest. His leaning back like that makes his belly look even bigger. I think he's starting to put on weight in the chest area now. That's the sign of serious weight gain on guys. I wish I could get him out of that tight tee shirt to see what lies under there. I sigh a deep sigh and decide to just sit here and fantasize about him.

A few months later, when I'm in the cafe, I overhear Jean-luc talking about an upcoming vacation. It's the first one he's taken since he opened the cafe. It had been years and he was excited. He was taking his mother on a cruise. She'd always wanted to take one. I was trying to be happy for him but I would miss seeing him. I also wanted to be on that cruise ship to encourage him to stuff that glorious belly. In the past few months he had continued to gain weight. He was definitely gaining in his chest now. He was walking toward my table and I could see his belly and chest jiggle and slightly sway. I think his belly is starting to hang down. I could feel myself getting turned on as he got closer. I smiled at him and he returned the smile. He starts to tell me about his vacation and how excited his mom is. He says he will miss his favorite customer. I smiled and said I would miss seeing him at the cafe. As he walked away I wished I could just ask him out. Why did I have to be so chicken?

The next week was his vacation. I came to the cafe a few times just so it didn't look like I only came here to see Jean-luc. It wasn't the same to be here without Jean-luc to look at. I'm sitting here actually working on my laptop. I'm so happy that he will be back next week. I wonder how much delicious fattening food he has been eating on the cruise. I bet he will have to get new clothes before he comes back to work. I hope that he doesn't make a habit out of leaving for vacations.

Today is the day I've been looking forward to for over a week. I hurried from work to the cafe. I excitedly sat down and looked around. Where was he? Just as I was starting to think he wasn't here, I saw a large shape come from the kitchen. Jean-luc was tanned and he appeared to have gained serious weight on his cruise! His belly was definitely hanging lower and he looked like he could almost wear a bra now. He must have picked up new clothes because his shirt is neatly tucked into his black pants and that belly is definitely bigger. "I missed you last week." That's all I could manage to say. I could sit here and look at him all day. He is seriously the hottest guy I have ever seen. I wish he would ask me out.
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Rwagner 6 years
Full Belly H... 6 years
This is a very American story where Randy (a minor character) will remain named just that.
I am well aware of the differences in all of the words you listed. As previously commented, I try very hard to edit this and eliminate these errors. I do this e
Aquarius64 6 years
I like the story, but not the way it is written.
1. Randy means horny elsewhere in the world... probably not the best name to use as a best friend in a story.
2. Learn the differences between to, too and two, of and off, their, there and they're. Which,
Rwagner 6 years
This story is getting better and better!!! My wife and I love it!!!!
WisJay64 6 years
A beautiful story. It was a pleasure to read.
Built4com4t 6 years
my pleasure...
6&7 nicely done, I hope there's more
Full Belly H... 6 years
Thanks for the feedback. I use my phone exclusively for FF and it's easier for me to type the whole chapter and go back through and edit, make paragraphs, etc. I obviously forgot to go back on those. There are paragraphs now. Thanks for reading.
Built4com4t 6 years
good story but 4 & 5 desperately need paragraphs...3 could use one or two...they are almost impossible to read.
FrecherTyp 6 years
hmm a nice slow starting relstionship and so hot to read how she wants to rip his clothes off smiley
Built4com4t 6 years
2 & 3 are great. Very romantic, fun to read
Built4com4t 6 years
i hope this is just a start :-)