A new exciting life

chapter 1

As Laura looked around her dorm room, she couldn't believe she was actually there. It might be the tiniest room she'd ever seen but she looked around at her new bedding and all of the cute touches she and her mom had put into the dorm. Her roommate was supposed to be here any minute. She sat gently on the bed and got lost in a daydream. She thought back to a year ago when she was a nationally ranked gymnast and hoping to qualify for the Olympic team. She started her senior year of high school at 90 pounds of pure muscle with long blonde hair and a real chance of going making the team. While many of her teammates had tutors and stopped going to regular school, Laura was still a regular student who thankfully didn't have to put much effort into studies. She didn't have time for boyfriends or even for really good girlfriends but she had been so happy. Then everything changed. She went to a football game in October with some of her classmates. It was a few weeks before her biggest meet of the year and she just wanted to relax. There was a terrible accident on the way home from the football game and Laura ended up in the hospital with a broken back. They said she was lucky that her spinal cord wasn't damaged but she had several broken vertebrae and a fractured pelvis. She spent most of her senior year in the hospital and rehab centers recovering from her injuries. She said goodbye to her dreams of the Olympics and to her gymnastics scholarship. Her mother convinced her to apply to some local colleges but she still had bigger dreams and decided to apply to college in New York. Laura took her first steps without a cane to accept her diploma. Her parents didn't want her to go so far from home but Laure received a full scholarship to the college in New York. Who she was, checked into the dorm after saying goodbye to her parents. She looked down and noticed her much thicker thighs and soft midsection and most importantly breasts she had grown over the past year. She still had a lot of back pain and was really limited to walking for her only movement. She had lost all of that gymnast muscle tone and she wasn't sure how much body fat she had gained but she was fairly certain that the 25 pounds she gained were all fat. She didn't really mind though, when she was a gymnast, she had to shop in the children's section and didn't really even need a bra now she was shopping in the grown-up section and was very full A cup. She was looking forward to new adventures with new people in a new city and was so happy that she looked like a college student and not a little girl anymore. She decided to lie down for a nap in case her roommate wanted to do something later. As she gently laid back on the mattress, she found herself cuddling her soft squishy stomach. She liked the way it felt.

Laura woke to the sound of luggage running into the door and the door bursting open. A tiny Asian girl burst through the door and squealed "You must be Laura!" Laura tried sit up but the girl was already hugging her and introducing herself as Ava. Laura eventually sat up and didn't even notice that her belly had rolled out over top of her pants and her shirt had risen. She was enjoying watching her animated roommate. Ava was beautiful and boisterous and she hoped they would be great friends.

After Ava was unpacked and had said good bye, she broke out a container of cookies. She confessed to Laura that it may not look like it but she was a junk food fanatic, especially cookies. Laura smiles and said she was a cookie fan too. Ava noticed Laura's cane in the corner and asked her about it. As Laura told the story of her accident, Ava was silent. When Laura had finished the story, Ava said it was a good thing that she had her car at school. Apparently Ava and her parents fought about it because she would only use it near campus and not when they went to the city. Ava promised to be her official driver whenever Laura needed it. After a fair amount of cookies, the girls decided to go to the freshman meet up in their building. Ava walked slowly with Laura and when they got to the common area, found her a seat. Ava left to get food and drinks saying she'd be right back. When she returned, Ava had two huge slices of pizza and giant glasses of Coke for both of them. Laura smiled. Pizza and Coke were two of her favorite things about not being a gymnast anymore. After they ate two rounds of pizza and coke, Laura noticed that her belly was really full. She loved that feeling. Ava walked her back to the room and Laura gently laid down on the bed, unbuttoning her pants. Her belly was so full, she was rubbing it. Ava smiled and said we are definitely going to be best friends. Laura nodded and kept rubbing her full belly.
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Awww, this is great story!