Aggressive expansion: 8 years later

chapter 1 - aftermath

Hi. My name is Michael Byrne. I don't know how to write this. I've avoided it for so long, gave up when the strain of reaching around my huge gut became too much. Oh yah, I'm fat. I'm really fat. I didn't used to be, though, and then suddenly I just... was. I don't know how it happened- well, I do, and that's the embarrassing part. God. This is the shame I've lived with for... wow, eight years? Eight years of denial, eight years of sadness, eight years of an ache deep in a hole that can't be filled. Eight years of being 480 pounds of pure, stupid, fat idiot.

I'm a 28-year-old guy, just your average lad with a job I'm not into and hobbies I can never find the time for. The hands of time move on, we all reach the peak of our power, enthusiasm, attractiveness, and get jaded, let ourselves go a little, or a lot. Well, most of us do. It's pretty natural and part of the peaks and troughs of life.

I never got the chance.

Eight years ago now I was a skinny little lad whose fat fantasies got so out of control that they almost burned out my libido, and I wished beyond wishing that I could be fat, even just for a minute. I just wanted to feel the weight, to run my pliable flesh through my fat fingers, to feel myself jiggle and wobble with every weight stomp. I wanted to feel what I thought it would feel like from years of watching gainer videos on YouTube, reading weight gain fiction, watching porn (even though I'm not into it that much).

Then he came. The devil, the actual devil himself, appeared to me and granted me one hour. One hour to be fat.

It was never gonna be enough. That's what I didn't get when I told myself I'd enjoy living in a body four times the size of my own. The devil made me expand to almost 500 pounds and I was overjoyed; I played with my belly, jiggled like crazy, got stuffed by literal Satan. It was a dream, and all dreams come to an end when you aren't ready to give up the fantasy.

"Don't you wish you could be fat forever?"

That's why dreams are dreams, though, you have to give them up, you're left wanting more. The Devil knew that, and he manipulated me, got me so horny I accidentally agreed to stay fat; forever.

Now I always want more.
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Bigboyproject 1 year
Oh, so dark.. But also really cool.. Thank you for sharing this story!
Gainerfan1 5 years
Class, read that first chapter ages ago and it was great. Nice one 👍
Southernfatboy 5 years
Hope to read more and that he gets even fatter!
MangaBL 5 years
What if his reality changed with his new weight and no matter how huge and fat he gets, he can still move on his feet?