Aggressive expansion

Chapter 1- Growth

Hi. My name is Michael Byrne. I’m a skinny little 20 year old from Ireland, I wanted to gain weight, and this is a weird story. This is the story of how I can barely reach the keyboard to type this because of my obstructing, loathsome belly. It’s the story of how I achieved my biggest sexual fantasy, the story of how- actually, let’s cut to the chase and just start telling.

I’ve always been very self-conscious, not even especially about my weight. The way I walk, the way I talk, eat, sleep, everything. So naturally, even the little bit of flab I had on me at the moment worried me, but I knew it shouldn’t have because it’s nothing. Sometimes I hated it (in public) sometimes I liked it (in private…). Most of the time I was in public and want to feel good about myself, I exercise, I do weights daily- but secretly I play with my little flabby belly. Pathetic, I know right? But so thrilling, and it gives an edge to… everything.

But I wouldn’t stop having sexual fantasies about being fat- I don’t mean completely immobile fat, but overweight, y’know? But I wouldn’t want people looking at me and I wouldn’t like being fat for all my life. Just to know what it’s like. I had been reading weight gain stories online, and had only gotten thinner. My fantasies were to be short-lived, but they were gradually growing in my head. I was so frustrated- just one minute overweight, just one…

I even gave up masturbating regularly. Only when these fantasies come to a peak had I done it, and now not much gets me hard. But I can’t stop the need…

This is when it gets weird. I was lying on my bed one evening, thin, pathetic, at the height of my fantasy, and I wished with all my heart to be fat; for just a short period.

Then, I felt a rumble. It was my tummy. It was vibrating wildly, not enough to pleasure me, but still. It continued vibrating, and then the whole house shook and a few floorboards fell out of my floor, making a jagged oval shape. I was pretty stunned, to say the least. Then a brawny, red- yes, red- figure appeared from the hole- he had GOAT’S LEGS AND HORNS I exclaimed to myself- and conjured the floorboards back into place at the wave of a meaty hand. Then he leaned close to me, leering with a solid, goateed chin and bushy eyebrowed stare, scaring the daylights out of me, and said in a gravely voice: “Your wish is my command.”

I instantly realized what he was on about. “You’re… th-the… devil?” I mumbled. “Yep” he chirped, like this was a normal occurrence, and added “and I would really like to let you live your dream- twisted dream, you horn dog; I like it- for one hour.”

He let me take this in. I didn’t like the way he called me a horn dog- my self-consciousness kicking in- but…

“Fat? Overweight? For one hour only?” I mumbled in question, disbelieving. “Why? Do you want to extend it?” He leaned closer, raising a bushy eyebrow, a glint in his gold eye. “N-no” I stammered. “In fact, I’m not sure I want you to make me… chubby. You’re the Devil, for God’s sake.”

He chortled. “I like what you did with the God thing, very nice…”

“It was unintentional,” I replied, dismissing it. “But I have several issues…”

“Look, do you want to escape being a pathetic little nothing for an hour ONLY or what?” he crossed his arms and tapped his, um, hoof.

I thought about this for a bit, then replied “I do.”

Satan clapped his hands together and rubbed them.

“Just like a wedding” he chuckled. I gulped.

I didn’t know when it was supposed to happen, so I waited there, in my baggy underwear and t-shirt, for him to tell me this was a joke. But his expectant, smug expression told me otherwise…

I was about to ask him was going to hurt, but then I began to feel a little heavier. I got quite scared.

First, I saw my belly starting to poke through my t-shirt, lifting it out slightly. It was weighing me down, enlarging, en-LARD-ing…

Meanwhile, the way the fat was growing all over me scared me. My thighs started to fill out my underwear, my calves expanding. In fright I stepped back and felt myself jiggle; for the first time! I managed a wry smile as my thighs vibrated at the movement, sending small ripples out.

That was nice, but then I realized it wasn’t going to stop there, and as I filled out even more I felt strange and surreal. My t-shirt kept going out, I kept getting heavier and bigger, my thighs blowing up almost filling my baggy boxers, my bottom starting to push out, enhancing my self-consciousness. I was now chubby. When I looked straight down, my belly was still growing, and my thighs rounding out so the sight of my feet was getting harder to see. My middle didn’t just grow out forward; it started growing out in all directions. LOVE HANDLES! I thought. AS I looked down, I felt a slight double chin. It was getting very weird…

It was getting less filling out and more porking out. My love handles and belly were stretching my t-shirt outwards, my boobs- oh my God- starting to show. I wasn’t as fat as anyone you see on TV, but compared to me before, it was… WOW. My formerly way too big boxers were steadily tightening… what weight was I at this stage? I hadn’t a clue, but I sort of wanted it to last…

My arms were growing thick and flabby, great big saddlebags hanging down, growing in front of my very eyes. My thighs- my second favourite part of any fat person- were getting more and more jiggly: like tree trunks. My double chin was present even when I wasn’t looking down. This was scary, but thrilling too.

With the simultaneous fattening, I hadn’t really paid much attention to my rapidly growing belly. It was now jutting out over my boxers, an enlarging pile of jiggly roundness. MY enlarging pile of jiggly roundness. My cheeks flushed, and the devil’s eyebrows raised when he heard an “ooh”.

I was getting very rotund all over, and I felt for the first time truly fat. It felt so good… my own sexy rolls; and there was more to come! I started to wonder when it would end…

My t-shirt was getting uncomfortably tight, showing the shape of my new big round belly. Come to think of it, so were my boxers. I panicked a bit, felt self-conscious with the devil watching me with a judging eye… I started to bloat and get fatter very fast. My t-shirt tightened, my nipples were showing. My boobs rested atop a gargantuan, bloated, round, jiggly belly. I stumbled in fright, and felt this excess fat jiggling and moving. Rapidly, I was becoming the fat pig I’d always dreamed of… But when would it end? ...
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MangaBL 5 years
This is making me horny, just reading this!!! Don't stop making more!
Rosedavecam 7 years
Rosedavecam 7 years
This is a fantastic story
Bigboyproject 12 years
So what happened next? 2 years and no ending to the story :-(
MrFlabbyGainer 13 years
Wow, many thanks guys smiley
MrFlabbyGainer 14 years
OniGumo 14 years
Interesting, I have a feeling that the guy is about to get more than he bargained for.
OniGumo 14 years
Very good, I'll be watching this with interest