Alison's discovery

chapter 1

It started the summer after high school. Alison had chosen to take a gap year, college seeming too much of a challenge. Or, as her parents kept reminding her, she could just be incredibly lazy. At the time, Alison hadn't really cared, wanting to start up a life for herself. She bought a small apartment located not far from the main hustle and bustle of the city. She scored a simple job as an online tech assistant, a feat she was pretty proud of. Years of electronics classes finally paid off in a well-earning job. In high school Alison had been a part of cross country and track, so had kept up a pretty lithe and beautiful shape. It was always hard though, Alison always seemed to be hungry, something that she was embarrassed about. Food was usually one of the things on her mind as she went through her day. The first month of her summer she stayed on a strict diet and ran every morning and evening. Soon her laziness began to kick in and she started to skip afternoon runs, popping in a pizza and watching hours of television.

Alison knew that the fatty snacks and dinners weren't good for her, but they tasted so good! She slowly began to eat more and more at night, sneaking in a few snacks during the day. She began to buy ice cream and other deserts, gorging on them as she watching t.v. Alison knew it was wrong, and she was more unable to make it even a mile on her morning runs, but she couldn't help herself. It felt good to be stuffing her face. Her stomach would be round and tight and her mind would be clouded by all of the food and the fullness of her stomach. Alison began to skip morning runs, focusing instead on bigger breakfasts and lunches, buying fatty foods and eating a lot of them. It got to the point where her mind could only focus on food, constantly thinking of what she would eat next.

The realization of her fetish happened once she met an online client, Jacob. In the tech service she worked in, she and the customer would usually video chat so they could show Alison the problem of their device. Jacob had asked for help with his phone.
"Hey Jacob, I'm Alison and I'm here to help you with your issue." Alison said cheerfully into the camera and the man on the other end waved. He was skinny, with short brown hair and wide blue eyes. He eyed Alison, who in her months of stuffing herself had gained some. Her stomach was large and flabby, hanging slightly over the waistband of her jeans (which were actually a few sizes too small but she hadn't had a chance to go shopping yet; same with her shirt) and her chin had doubled. Rolls of fat hung off her back and her thighs had thickened.
"Hey," Jacob said and Alison could see a slight blush on his cheeks but she didn't comment. They continued with the tech help and Jacob seemed to get more distracted the longer it went on. Alison raised an eyebrow.
"What's the matter?" she asked and Jacob froze, fear in his eyes.
"N-Nothing," he said and Alison crossed her pudgy arms.
"Nothing huh?" she pressed and Jacob sighed.
"Sorry,'re just so beautiful." Alison blinked, had she heard him right? She glanced down at herself and her thick layer of fat, wondering why he found it attractive. Most guys wanted skinny, Barbie-lookalikes. Jacob rubbed the back of his neck.
"I've always had a thing for larger girls...sorry." Alison smiled, it felt nice to be thought of as beautiful.
"No, it's fine," she assured, and her stomach gave a loud rumble. She blushed and Jacob bit his lip.
"Hungry?" he asked and Alison nodded. Jacob swallowed and leaned forward in his chair. "You can go get something to eat," he said and Alison smiled, hauling herself up and going to the fridge. She came back with a large plate of cupcakes. Jacob's eyes were glued to her as she pressed a cupcake into her greedy mouth. Her brain rejoiced at the sensation of eating, and Alison felt a pleasurable warmth flow through her as she ate. Jacob watched, his face going redder and redder as he gripped the table, breathing hard. Alison paused her eating for a moment to check on him.
"You okay?" she asked and Jacob swallowed heavily, staring at her stomach, which had begun to poke out from under her too-small t-shirt.
"I-uh." he tried, a slight moan escaping his lips. Alison drew in a quick breath at that, was he turned on?
"Are you...aroused by me?" she asked and Jacob looked at her, frozen. Alison frowned, "Just from me eating?" Jacob licked his lips.
"Yeah, I love seeing girls stuffing themselves, seeing their bellies grow." his eyes went back to her stomach and his face went almost redder. Alison was taken aback.
"You mean, people like seeing others get fat? Do people like getting fat?" Jacob nodded.
"Yeah. I love feeding people, growing their bodies until they're big fat piggies." Alison felt a strange twinge of arousal at the term "piggies" but didn't reply. "And some people like that, getting fatter and fatter, getting stuffed." Jacob was panting now and Alison felt bad.
"Go ahead...touch yourself....I'm getting a little turned on by this," Alison said, stuffing another cupcake into her mouth. Jacob's hands went to his belt and he jerked off as Alison ate more and more, grabbing a large bottle of coke at one point to really make her stomach swell. When they were done, Jacob asked for Alison's number and she gladly gave it to him.

Alison only grew fatter from then on, loving the idea of becoming a fat piggy, and she made it her goal to reach 300 pounds by the end of the summer. She fed herself all day, but it soon became a task to move from the fridge back to her position on the recliner. Jacob came to her rescue however by coming to live with her and stuff her each day. In no time at all Alison was huge, her stomach piling in her lap, her thighs ballooning sideways, her boobs pushing out and butt expanding until she was a true piggy. Alison loved it and never wanted to stop.
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Good work
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Nice little one chapter story.