The feeding room

Chapter 1 - awaken

It was dark, warm and the air smelled of both grease and bodies. Jane lifted her head and blinked; the room was dark and something about it seemed off. Jane swallowed a pounding in her head and an odd feeling around her wrists and ankles. Like something heavy laid on them. She squinted into the gloom and saw the shining of shackles around her ankles and wrists. She couldn't quite see where they led, but she suspected they would keep her in one place. She was also naked, something that made her feel self-conscious and vulnerable. Jane felt her heart rate pick up and she tried to remember what might've gotten her here. Her memory was fuzzy though she did recall a blind date her friend had set up for her. Did this have something to do with that? Jane looked around, trying to make some sense of where she was. All she could see was darkness, and perhaps...other people? Yes, there were other people here, chained too she guessed. But why? And what were the odd sounds she heard? It was a mixture of noisy gulping and muffled moaning.
"Hello? Is anyone out there?" Jane asked and her voice sounded scared, weak. There was no reply, only the same wet sloppy sounds, and odd moaning. Then the lights brightened and Jane saw what had been hidden from her.
It was a room, cement floors, brick walls, the appearance wasn't important, what was important was the things inside the room. Five young women sat against the walls, tubes attached to their mouths and chains keeping them still. They were all various ages, ethnicities, but each was large. Fat rolls cascaded down their bodies and jigged as they moved. Their eyes were closed and moaning came from them as they greedily sucked down the liquid flowing through the tubes. Jane could hardly watch as their bellies swelled with each passing minute, becoming larger and larger as they ate. They were also naked so Jane could see how their breasts also grew larger, being pushed to the side as their bellies enlarged. Their legs were opened wide but the fat hanging from their stomachs covered anything too private. To Jane, who had worked hard to keep a slim figure, it was horrifying. She suppressed a scream and frantically looked for a way out.
"So, our newest little piggy is awake is she?" a man said and Jane turned to find the man who'd been her blind date standing over her. "Oh don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you," he said, blue eyes glinting in the fluorescent lights. "I just want to see you reach your full potential." He gestured to the other girls, who had opened their eyes at his voice. Jane saw that their eyes were glazed over in what might've been pleasure.
A few of them began to suck at the liquid harder, bouncing up and down to make their fat jiggle. The man smiled and went over to them, stroking their ever-expanding stomachs. "You look so pretty my little piggies," he said and one girl nodded, her eyes glued to the man who began to rub his fingers over her nipples. A louder moan came through the tube and the girl began rocking back and forth, her fat wobbling and shifting as she did so. The man chuckled and reached into his pocket taking out a small device. He hooked it up to the girls' nipples and smiled at her. "Ready for your reward? You've always been so eager to please me and look at you, all trained to react when I get here." The girl tipped her head back and gulped faster, her eyes begging the man. The man laughed and pressed a button beside the girls head where she couldn't reach and the tube slid away from the girl's mouth. She looked upset for a moment before the man pushed another button that controlled the device hooked to her nipples. At once the girl began to scream with pleasure, her mouth opened wide in long moans. She never said a name, but instead at the man's direction began calling herself a worthless piggy and how happy she was to feed for him.
Jane watched with disgust, or that's what she wanted to feel. Instead, she felt an odd curiosity. Was it really that good to get fat? The girl across the room let out one last shriek before panting and the man took away the device. It was obvious she had climaxed.
"Such a good girl, now get fatter." the man said and Jane was surprised at the harshness to the command. The girl nodded and opened her mouth for the tube once again. The man walked back to Jane and gave her a smile. "See how good it's going to feel?" he said and Jane gulped.
"I don't think I want to-" she started before the man was laughing. His eyes shone when she looked up at him.
"You don't get a choice my dear," he said and reached up and grabbed a tube that had been hanging above her. He fitted it to her mouth and Jane felt tears begin in her eyes. She didn't want this! The man smiled and pressed a button. "Trust me, you're going to love this."
At once Jane felt the thick liquid flow into her mouth. She recoiled, expecting it to taste horrible but instead it tasted like the best thing she'd ever had. She suddenly couldn't get enough of it, her brain craved more and more and more. She also began to feel pleasure from it, as though it was the only thing that would make her feel good. She noticed her stomach already growing larger and it felt so good that expansion. She wanted to make it bigger, she wanted it to fill the room. She wanted to see the fat jiggle and bounce. She leaned her head back and moaned through the tube, her body growing heavier and wider the more she drank. It was heaven. The man watched her with a satisfied smirk to his handsome face.
"What a good piggy." he cooed and Jane felt a spike of pleasure at that nickname. She wanted to be a piggy for him if that's what would continue this feeding. She moaned and her hands went to her expanding stomach, exploring the new softness, the new rolls she had. But it wasn't enough, she wanted more. The man smiled wider and started for a hidden door. "I'll be back tomorrow morning my piggies. Grow big for me." And then he was gone. But Jane didn't care, all she wanted to do was stay in the feeding room, forever.

(Author's note: Should I write another chapter?)
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