Chapter 1 - the first day stuffing (part 1)

After seven hours of hard labor at my job, working with just a few coworkers to load up two trailers full of equipment with barely any break, I wasn't just hungry, I was angry. I tend to get this way when I haven't eaten, doesn't help that I'm not a morning person either. And though I had eaten two breakfast muffins that morning with my 20 ounce coffee, my stomach was growling as loudly as I wanted to yell. So when one of my coworkers invited me to go out to an authentic ramen place she recently found, I jumped at the opportunity.

Today was also the morning I declared that I was going to start eating everything I wanted and to the point that I would gain weight. Thanks to a summer of outdoors work and such, I dropped down to almost 160, the lightest I've been in awhile, and it only made me angrier!

I could feel it in my clothes, how the soft sides of my shrunken love handles wanted to pouch over the waistline of my khaki shorts and belt but could only touch the edges. And that was even as I sat down at the long buffet style table in the ramen shop. Seated between a young guy and my co-worker who told me of the place. I just sat in silent rage as I looked over the menu trying to decide how to fill the void in my rumbling stomach.

"I had the spicy beef last time," Stated my coworker who was going on and on about the place. "Man, this place also gives GREAT portions so I hope you're hungry."

"Mhm." I probably sounded disinterested, but I just wanted my food.

"The ramen comes in a big bowl!" She mimics the size of the bowel with her arms. "But they also give us green tea and a plate of fried rice!"

"Uh huh."

She leaned back in her seat to rub her belly, reminiscing about the first time she was there. "I demolished all of it my first time coming here." I couldn't help feeling like she was bragging. What made it worse for me was seeing the obvious start of her small pot belly bulging around her belly button. I'd say I wanted that belly... but I wanted mine bigger.

"What would you like?" Asked the waitress behind us. My coworker ordered a pork broth beef stew to which I...

"I want the soy sauce broth ramen..." I held up two fingers. "Two orders." My coworker turned to me with shock.

"Holy shit, you serious?" She wasn't one with much of a filter in public. I gave her a look and a brief smile as I handed the waitress my menu.

Less than ten minutes later, our bowls came out. At least my first one did. "I'll bring your second order once you're done." The waitress informed me before speeding off. Made sense to me, with there being little room on the long wooden top we all sat at. We were given a spoon and some chopsticks, but taking the spoon in my hand, I used the dinner plate of fried rice as my appetizer and began scooping it into my mouth.

It was good, not the best fried rice I've EVER had. I make that myself. But what I did love was how little of a dent it put in my stomach. For a majority of the plate, it just felt like the rice, carrots, and onions were just dropping into a bottomless pit. A moniker often given to me by my friends. It built my confidence to finishing it all, both orders. My only hope was that I was full by the end of it.

After scraping the plate clean, I ripped open the chopsticks to work on my big bowl of ramen. Swimming in the broth was a load of meat, eggs, and other items giving it a truly savory taste. It. Was. Delicious.

Before I knew it, I was finishing up most of the solid contents of the bowl. What seemed like a good deal of food was starting to disappoint me as I could feel it in my stomach but definitely wasn't full yet. I was, however, pleased to feel my belly fill the space around my shorts and by the time I brought the bowl up to my lips to chug the juice down I could feel my belly threaten to crown over the top of my belt. I didn't care to open it up to another notch to help my belly expand, I felt I hadn't earned that yet. I also didn't feel a need to suck my belly in like I usually do when I'm out eating. Thanks to my uniform polo basically draping down from my large bust it acted like a curtain to hide my expanding middle from everyone else.

During the transition period between my empty tray and my next one, I sat quietly with confidence that I would finish it all. But I also thought back to when I was at my heaviest back in high school. I never remembered actually being "fat" or thinking I was that heavy. But I was at about 200 pounds at one point. Probably couldn't tell from all of the stretchy clothing I wore all the time back then. I couldn't help imaging myself trying to fit in the shorts I had on now. No way they would even be able to get past my thighs, they were already gushing from the leg holes here at 160.

I had to stop thinking about it though, my mind began to drift away thinking about the roar I was about to take. Gaining weight, pound after pound of food turning into pounds of fat on my body. The growth making all of my clothes tighter and tighter. I had to leave off on the thought of me literally bursting from my shorts. The button and zipper tearing lose from my heavy, expanding belly and my fat ass breaking through at the seams. I couldn't wait, but there was still more food to eat.

I assaulted my second course of food the moment the waitress set it down in front of me. This time I worked between the fried rice and ramen at the same time. Shoveling the fried rice into my mouth until my cheeks were filled and used the broth to help wash it down. I didn't even get halfway through both when the dreaded feeling of fullness started kicking in. But I noticed why as... Gguuuurrrk!

I swallowed to keep a burp down inside me. Feeling the gas bloat my stomach just a little more below my rib cage informed me that I had a decent amount of gas in there. I was a little surprised that I didn't even notice the gas build up until this moment. But then again, I was almost in a sort of eating frenzy with barely allowing there to be any time that food wasn't going into my mouth.

I successfully held the gas down, didn't want to let it out in the crowded restaurant. Continuing to eat seemed to help, especially devouring the meat from my second bowl of ramen. My breathing was labored, not from exhaustion, but arousal. My belly was no longer the terrible concave shape it was when I sat down. I could feel it bulging out in the way I preferred it to under my shirt and even felt it touching the blue fabric of my top which embarrassed me just a little. I didn't let it stop me though as I came down to slurping down the pint of broth I had left.

Having to ignore the weight of all the contents in my belly weighing it down to the point that I felt it pushing my belt into my thighs or else have to really change my underwear, I downed the juice in large gulps. I was slower than I was with the first bowl, but being loaded with trapped air along with practically four plates/bowls of food in me, it was somewhat challenging.

But with a clang, I placed my empty bowl down on the tray and had it taken away. I inhaled deeply, having used most of my lung power to inhale the soup. As I stretched, I noticed that my modest underbelly was actually resting on my belt buckle. The cold metal clasp actually giving me some relief from the warm contents sloshing in my gut. It really felt like I swallowed a fish tank. With there being enough air down there to have it slosh around in my stomach.

"Didn't think you'd finish it all..." My coworker commented as I then chugged down both cups of green tea I had from my orders. Her comment please me, even more so as she was one of the few who worked with me who knew of my appetite already.

"Well, I do-Hicck-URGK!" I swallowed the strange hiccup-belch that worked its way up my throat. Worried it was a belch or everything else I just ate, I covered my mouth and sealed the deep, throaty gurgle behind my lips. "Excuse me~ Told you I was hungry. Hehe."

The two of us paid and headed back out into the sun. Luckily the strip of stores around us weren't very busy, at least there weren't that many people walking around when we exited. Because the moment the door closed behind us, I felt all that trapped gas surge up from my bloated stomach.

A long rolling belch that I feared wouldn't end forced its way out from my lips. Between moderately loud and even gurgly, it was an arguably nasty but undisputedly unladylike of a belch for 'little old me' to let out. After the seven second long belch, I avoided putting my hand to my bloated middle, I still had the self-consciousness of looking fat in front of others like my coworker. So I put my hand to my chest, feeling another rumble pass through it. I pulled my head back and tilted my chin downward. I tried to make it quieter, but it only added bass.

It was two, but the first came out as manly as they could come. The baritone rumble passing through my quivering cheeks resonated off the walls and concrete columns of the building creating an echo that got me a little warm between my legs. Wasn't able to get all the gas out on the first burp, so the aftershock was another low toned but shorter and sadly weaker belch. Overall, I was pleased with my performance. I don't always belch well, but when I do. It's hot.

My coworker and I chatted for a few minutes before getting in our cars to head home. Well, she headed home, I was thinking about what else I could get to stuff myself for the rest of the day. Hell, I actually felt like I had more room after the belches I released. Pizza seemed like a good idea, remembering that for the week a Pizzeria near my home was holding a buy one get one special on pizza. That would be good for my dinner I thought.
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