Watching her

Chapter 1 - watching her

He was in his perfect place. Watching her was like watching an angel descend from the heavens and though he felt like his heart could take off and fly away with her, he stayed in his seat. A wooden chair placed to the side of a long wooden dinner table, the perfect spot for him to watch the love of his life devour her dinner tonight.

Watching her eat as like witnessing the next wonder of the world coming to life. Each bite she took with her delicate fingers. She ate with a grace that one would expect from the most feminine of women. Not too fast as to enjoy every bite but not so slow to keep them at the table for the entire night. Just the perfect balance for them to both enjoy the night for the right amount of time for them both to fully enjoy the spectacle she put on.

And put on she did. The wore a rather nice black skirt and button up top she wore in her late teenage years. It was safe to say she had grown a bit since then as her thick caramel thighs gushed from the large hole at the bottom of the skirt. The fabric clung to her curves like its own life depending on it, or like it was struggling to survive the bulges of fat around her middle. Digging into her prominent love handles and threatened to tear when she sat down at the table before the feast. They didn't last long...

Even with the assistance of the button up shirt tucked into her skirt, the three specially made pies, plates of collard greens, both a turkey leg and breast proved too much for the article. The stubborn zipper created a resounding rip as it tore with the fabric down her side. He even gasped, seeing her lips curve into an O with relief as her belly flopped out onto its proper porch that was her thunderous thighs.

Her shirt still held strong, just barely showing her delicious tanned skin between the holes as they stretched taught over her pot belly. She giggled and he laughed but nothing else was needed to be said. Their brief gazes into each other's eyes and timid blushes expressed all they were feeling for one another.

As she continued to eat, he continued to watch. He would be remiss if he didn't keep a good eagle eye on her chest. A pair of round sacks of flesh upon her chest the perfect size for them to fill his adult hands. They almost seemed to grow with every pound of food she carefully passed through her lips. It was especially exciting when she was surprised by a powerful hiccup. The jolt following a rather rapid swig of her drink caused the top two buttons to fly off near freeing her breasts completely if it weren't for her little black bra.

The eating continued like this. She filled plate after plate with whatever she could reach and when she would have been required to get up from her seat, he would stand to bring it to her. This was far from their first time, by this point the two of them were a well oiled eating machine. Well, she was an eating machine, he was her personal pit crew.

Buttons continued to fail on her blouse as she continued. Two tins of casserole disappeared into her stomach and another button popped off around her chest. A dense pound of meatloaf sat heavily in her gut causing the bottom button to skitter right off her thighs. It took a giant bowl of potato salad, the whole rotisserie chicken and half of the whole turkey to get the next button to fly across the room. It is one of the final three, it was the one in the center of her belly and revealed the dark hole of her belly button. Fat from her growing pot belly bulge from the holes left by her buttons and he was eager for the last two to pop. As a personal challenge for them both, he would not assist in a belly rub until her belly was completely free.

Damn, those buttons were just about as stubborn as she was. Wanting to not only finish everything without any assistance, she wanted to make herself as full as possible for him. Keeping everything down including gas, her stomach was like a passing storm with the loud growls and gurgles it was emitted by the time she reached her last plates. Still, even with her belly sticking out a good foot onto her lap and far beyond the reach of her modest breasts, the buttons simply stayed dug into the flesh of her enormously soft gut.

He wondered what would go first, the love of his life or the buttons of her blouse as she finished off the last of the turkey. The rest of its body picked clean as was the rest of the dishes upon the table. Her belly was massive, far larger than he had ever seen it before and he was with her last Thanksgiving. Even though today was no holiday, they did make sure to get all the food their disposable income could manage. Her belly, an enormous pot that even with all the food packed into it still looked like a large, fatty, gut. A tummy that 'pregnant' didn't quite describe properly. It wasn't quite round enough for that. And it's what he loved most about it. No matter how much she ate, the abundance of fat that naturally stored there kept it a nice, plush center he could always sink his hands into.

And the time for him to do so finally came.

To call an end to her feast, she licked each and every one of her fingers clean of any residue left by her meal. Slowly plunging each digit behind her lips and slowly dragged them out until she got to her last finger. She pulled it out slower than ever, finding a delicious piece of sauce covered chicken she had to suck off. It left her lips with a tiny pop and she sighed with he accomplishment all inside of her roaring middle. One that desperately needed relief.

He looked to her golden brown eyes then to the buttons. She knew, closing her eyes as she brought her hands to the sides of her enormous gut and brought them in with a delicate but forceful slap. A wave-like ripple surged over her soft abdomen and sent the buttons careening off of her shirt, allowing her belly to bounce outward to its full size upon her lap. It glorped like an aquarium and let out not one but two simultaneous but distinct gurgles like two dogs fighting for territory. Worried, he prepared to move to her aid, but knowing what was going on inside herself, she leaned to the side with a pained expression and her cheeks reddening for what was to come.

A pair of gaseous eruptions blew from her top and bottom simultaneously. A raucous belch aimed towards the ceiling shook the floor of above while her boisterous fart rattled the floor beneath them. The enormous but equal to her meal expulsions together shook the entire room. He watched in loving delight as he felt the table he held onto shifting across the tiled floor. The empty pots, plates, and glasses clattering just as much as the dishes still left in the cupboard on the other side of the kitchen. He was almost worried, at least expecting that the pane glass window directly behind her seat would crack with the unnerving wobbling noise he could pick up just over the gas his girl was letting out. And just when he was wondering if they were ever going to end, they began to fade. Soon coming to an end and leaving minimal damage to their surroundings.

After a few moments, he moved in to sink his hands into her gut. Giving it a great congratulatory rub for all she had done. Though embarrassed by her final releases, she was over the moon with the smile he had on his face. Thankful that she could please him with such accomplishments. The two shared a long kiss, he shared all the things he loved about her and she let him know that she should've been letting out the gas throughout the meal.

Because she still had room for more.
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