Anniversary dinner

Chapter 1 - welcome home

Kimberly inhales deeply as she cracked open the oven door. A quick peek at its contents told her that everything would be done in another minute or two. Delicious aromas filled the air of the kitchen, making her smile wistfully. "Dennis should be home any minute now." She muttered to herself, cutting her eyes to the digital clock on the microwave. "Any minute."

The thump of the front door closing confirmed her prediction. "Hey, Honey." Dennis called out from the living room. "It smells delicious in here!"

Kimberly smiled and hurried out to greet her husband, her arms encircling his neck as she pulled him into a kiss. "Welcome home, dear." She said breathily as she broke the kiss, the tip of her nose brushing across his own playfully. "Did you have a good day at work?"

Dennis smiled down at his wife and slid his hands eagerly down her body to cup her rear, pulling her tighter against him. "Work was work. I'm glad it's over for the day. And it seems you are too." Kissing her again, he gave her rear a quick squeeze.

Kimberly giggled and ran her nails along the back of her husband's neck and feeling the resulting shivers that coursed through him. "I'm always happy when you come home." She replied before reluctantly pulling away. "You go change, I have to get dinner out of the oven." Giving him on more quick peck on the lips, she rushed back to the kitchen.

While waiting for Dennis, Kimberly fussed over the meal she had prepared. Everything had to be perfect. A ten-year anniversary didn't come along every day. As she was giving the soup a final stir, Kimberly felt strong arms encircling her waist, pulling her back against a hard, warm chest. The tickle of teeth on her earlobe made her tilt her head away to give him better access to her neck. "Mmmmm." She purred happily, giving her hips a teasing wiggle.

Dennis chuckled, his breath warm against the skin of her throat. "I see you've been busy." He whispered into her ear, lipping at the folds. What's the occasion?"
Kimberly felt her entire body tense at his words. "Dennis...." Her voice became a growl of warning, the heat of her passion igniting into a blaze of anger. "Tell me you didn't forget. Again."

Ignoring the danger, Dennis continued to kiss his way down the side of her neck. "Forget what, love?" He muttered absently, pulling aside the shoulder of her blouse to nibble at the crook of her neck.

"You did, didn't you!" Kimberly snapped irritably, pushing herself backwards to shove him away. "I can't believe you." She turned to face her husband, whose perplexed expression only further fueled her anger. "Ooooh, you are so going to pay this time."
Dennis raised his hands defensively, but before he could take a step back, Kimberly snapped out and grabbed his wrist, dragging him to the dining room and pointing to the ornate wooden chair. Without protest, Dennis sat down and looked up at his wife with wide, nervous eyes. "Do not move." Kimberly ordered before walking back into the kitchen.

Obediently, Dennis stayed where he was, watching as his wife brought in various covered dishes from the kitchen, setting them on the table. When she had brought in the last one, she grabbed two decorate paper napkins and snapped her hands to unfold them. Taking her time, she carefully rolled and refolded the napkins before approaching her curious husband.

Offering no explanation, Kimberly pulled his arms behind his back and tied each wrist to the support spindles with the napkins. As she straightened, she gave him a pat on the shoulder and walked around to face him again, a predatory smile on her face. "Today is our 10th year anniversary, dear. And you..." Kimberly bent over to give a teasing glimpse of her cleavage as her loose blouse drifted forward slightly. "Had better not have had a big lunch today."

Dennis tugged experimentally at the napkins holding him. They were not overly tight and he could tear loose if he had to, but he didn't think his wife would appreciate it much if he did. "You know, dear, you look rather beautiful tonight. Perhaps we could-"
"Ooooh, no you don't." Kimberly cut him off. "No sweet talking your way out of this one. I spent hours preparing this dinner just for us tonight, and you are going to sit there and enjoy every damn bite of it, Mister." Turning away from her bound husband, Kimberly lowered the lights and lit several tall candles that sat in a crystal candelabra at the center of the table. With everything finally ready for the romantic dinner she had planned for the evening, she finally turned her full attention back to Dennis.
Almost six feet tall and wiry with a thick head of dark brown hair, Dennis had changed little since they had met so long ago. Pulling a chair closer for herself, Kimberly settled near to her husband, her eyes locking with his own as her hand reached knowingly for the first covered tray.

A cloud of scented steam escaped with the lifting of the lid and the air was suddenly filled with the mouthwatering scent of prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. Dennis inhaled deeply while he returned his wife's intense stare. Having skipped lunch, in fact, his empty stomach growled hungrily in anticipation.

Kimberly grinned and reached out to slide a fingertip slowly down his chest and stomach, stopping as she reached the waistband of his pants. "It sounds like somebody's a little hungry." She teased, her eyes briefly lowering to her hand before snapping back up. "I sure hope I made enough." With a wink, she raised her hand and reached for the asparagas.
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Akwolfgrl13 7 years
I loved it!!!!
Built4com4t 8 years
brilliantly done and you handled the intimacy perfectly...a pleasure to read.
Hurgon 8 years
Dessert was exquisite. I do hope you'll continue the story: love the characters, and your descriptive writing is divinely vivid.
Teralina 8 years
And FINALLY done! Enjoy!
Ccwolf60 8 years
Very nice smiley
Teralina 8 years
Dessert IS coming! I promise! LOL I'm almost done, but distractions keep getting in my way!

Thank you for the compliments on it so far!
Hurgon 8 years
Great addition!
Teralina 8 years
Thank you all for the wonderful comments smiley Working on the next chapter now! I'll try to get it out asap!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I have to agree with Built4com4t! Love chapter 4, and what a beautiful cliffhanger.
Built4com4t 9 years
chapter four is a gem...keep it up
Teralina 9 years
LOL Thank you so much both of you. Working on getting the next chapter done as soon as I can.
I'm glad you all like it so far. smiley
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
What a delightful tease you are. Much like your FFA character!
Hurgon 9 years
...Particularly love the little touches: Kimberley's nail-clicking and lid-lifting, Dennis's watering mouth and rolling of potato cubes. Superbly convey her sultry, teasing nature and his hunger for her delicious cooking. Bravo!
Hurgon 9 years
"Oh, you really liked that, didn't you."

Sure did! Smooth flow, style as fresh as that asparagus, natural dialogue, and mouthwatering interplay between them...
Teralina 9 years
Thank you so much. smiley
I hope the finished story does not disappoint!
Built4com4t 9 years
LOVE IT...nicely done. i am looking forward to your additions