What's for lunch?

Chapter 1 - introduction/explanation

Well, as I said in the story description, this isn't really much of a real story. There's no real plot or character development. No big twists or special endings. I just plan to update as the mood strikes with new and tasty lunches until I get bored with the whole thing.

This project/story is basically to help me deal with some strong urges I've been having lately that I can't act on in real life yet. (But I will SOON!! If all goes according to plan, anyway)

A few months back, I had a dream about packing my partner a lunch for work, and he was the envy of the cafeteria. This dream turned into a bit of a fantasy for me that I've been DYING to do. I even went out and bought my partner the perfect insulated lunch box (just like in the "story") that I can not WAIT to start filling up with delicious foods that he loves.

But also part of the fantasy is the envy, being surrounded by his work buddies who all wished they had someone to make sure they had tasty meals every day. I LOVE spoiling my partner and can't wait to be able to do it even more by packing him fun surprise meals every day.

This may or may not become a long running "series" depending on how long it takes me to get bored with it, but I had several people tell me to share it anyway, so here it is. Just keep low expectations about progression. It's not really going anywhere. It's really just a bit of a ramble about a guy showing off his food to his buddies, and then eating it.

I wanted to make this just a few paragraphs, but there's a 2k character limit "per chapter" and I have fluffed this thing out as much as I can, so there's really no important information beyond this line.

The lunchbox I got for my partner was purchased on Amazon, and it has a tag that says E.M.T. Emergency Meal Transport. It's white and has Human Organ For Transport in red font printed on it, because he loves functional gag gifts. And as I said above, I can not WAIT to find excuses to start filling it with tasty stuff. My partner has promised to give me plenty of excuses and can't WAIT to be pampered.

Apparently he's already the envy of some of our friends, which is actually rather amusing. Maybe when I start making his lunches for real, they'll give me even MORE inspiration to write these! LOL
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Teralina 5 years
Awww, thank you. smiley
Hurgon 5 years
Wonderful descriptions!