Becoming the fat sister

Chapter 1 - the hoilday

It was a hot day at the Hotel in sunny Spain where a family was away enjoying their hoilday. At the swimming pool was a blonde girl called Hannah, who was laying on a inflatable lounger in the pool, with sunglasses on and a black bikini. Hannah was a cute girl with a bit of weight, chubby and it sat nice on her, she had a belly, boobs and most notably she had a very nice fat bottom. She was a shy girl but she would always wear tight trousers to show off her lovely bum. (She was around just under 180 pounds)

Beside the pool was her mum and dad, sitting down and also catching a tan, the mum is a very loud person normally but this time she is sitting back and relaxing. She was a small overweight lady also.

Hannah's younger sister Lauren was a brown hair girl, smaller in weight to her sister with an average size build (around 135 pounds)also wearing a black bikini. She was approaching the pool and yelled out "I see the whale is in the pool" a bit of a nasty comment in which Hannah looked forward with discust. The mum laughed and did tell Lauren off.

Both sisters were in fact very close with one another, but Lauren was known for being the better looking, younger, smarter, confident then her older sister. Both girls were in their early 20s.

The hoilday went on and everyone enjoyed themselves, one night the family went bowling and Lauren could not help herselve again by making fun of her sister, she never usually does but near the end of the game, both Lauren and the mum started laughing at Hannah every time she stepped up to bowl, Hannah was confused at first but then realised she had ripped her blue jeans around the inside of her thigh, nothing serious and Hannah wasn't too embarrassed by it.

The day of the return flight was here. Hannah and Lauren had been sharing a room throughout there stay and was now packing to get ready. Hannah was getting dressed while Lauren was on her phone. Hannah wanted to wear her white shorts with a black baggy top, the combination she had worn when they was on the 1st flight to Spain. But Hannah struggled to get the shorts on, it was like they had srunk, they were her favourite shorts and she wore them all the time but they would not go further than the halfway mark of her bum, she started jumping up and down trying to get these shorts on with her boobs flying up and down as well.
" I don't believe this" Hannah said as she forced the shorts on.
"Looks like someone put on weight" laughed Lauren.
Hannah got her shorts on in the end but still couldn't believe they would not fit, she didn't think she ate more than she normally does.

Hannah was a sensitive girl, she had a good hoilday but felt so embarrassed with what happened with her clothes and the remarks her sister made that she didn't have anything to eat at the airport or on the flight. She was really down by it. She had always been the bigger sister and had tryed her best to lose weight before the hoilday.

The family got back home and Hannah went on her phone, only to realise her mum had posted a photo on fb of the girls they had taken on their hoilday by the beach in their swimwear. Hannah was on the left side of the picture and started crying and getting upset that her mum had put the picture online. Hannah looked beautiful, a cute Chubby girl but all she saw was the fat girl, double the size of her slimmer sister.

The mum and sister thought she was being silly but Hannah said she was so determined to go on a diet and workout.
Lauren went to bed and felt bad for her sister, Lauren had always been an average slimmer build and ate sensible. She looked up to Hannah and thought she looked beautiful the size she was.
Lauren had no idea of how it felt to be overweight and looked online at chubby girls and then she started to realise something. That bigger girls are much more attractive, they had bigger boobs and a bigger bum, all men love a girl with meat on her.
Lauren sat their by herself and starting thinking about gaining weight to see what would it would be like. Then she made a decision that she was going to get fat.
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Rstlne 6 years
Sorry, but I feel that MathMachine4 does have a little bit of a point. Good grammar and spelling can make a profound impact on the readability and enjoyability of a story. But I also agree that he doesn't have the best attitude in his comments.
Jdm 6 years
Hopefully some more chapters coming soon, great story
Bruinsean 6 years
It is a good story. 2 small suggestions: Track Lauren's weight and/or a little more description of what she looks like during the stages of her gain
Champ 6 years
I wonder how much Lauren weighs now...
Great story!
Karenjenk 6 years
I love the humiliation factor. The description of her moving (p. 4) was really good. I could get a visual from that.

Your descriptions are really great. Personally I would like to see some weight in numbers, however, your descriptions are amazi
DominantMaleFA 6 years
You have a good start here. I've love to see more of Dean feeding and fattening Lauren, and I like the humiliation you have coming from her family. I would recommend building on this tension.

Good job!
Td0057 6 years
Great stuff. It appears an FA boyfriend or an encourager might make an appearance.
Giantjay 6 years
Nice start, love the dynamic you've created in the family - and the teasing! Hope to see her get a whole lot bigger. smiley