Beer belly

chapter 1

"I can't stand this loud music any longer!" Said a witch named Bethany who lived next door to a frat house. Ever since the nice old couple moved out and a group of frat brothers moved in, the house was busy with parties and drinking every other night. Bethany could hardly sleep. She was just a junior in college trying to get a degree in nursing but she couldn't study for tests due to all the loud noise. She once went over and kindly asked them to turn it down only to have the door slammed in her face and the music cranked even higher. She tried to ignore them but she finally snapped one day. She wanted revenge for all the sleepless nights she was put through and all these muscular hunky football players were going to be punished one way or another. She thought on what she could do for an hour when finally a light bulb went off. She thought about the countless times the jocks hit on ladies by taking their shirts off and showing their six packs and perfectly sculpted pecks. Their bodies were looked highly upon by everyone who went the their parties. But she was about to change that. One by one she began to plan each of the five boys punishment and how she was going to do it. First victim that came to mind, Ted.

Ted was the quieter of the four. He was for sure loud like the others but was the mildest. Bethany caught up to him at their next party and flirted with him. It was easy to get his attention, she had the body of a goddess skinny but still had perfect curves. She convinced him to come upstairs and went into one of the spare bedrooms. "This is going to be fun!" She thought to herself. She slowly pushed him down on the bed and began teasing at her dress strap. He could hardly stand the sensations flowing within him. It was like throwing a dog a bone. " Ok Ted before we start I want to have a little extra fun..." she said as she kissed his perfectly chiseled cheek. "Whatever you want baby!" He replied desperately. She found a tie in one of the Drawers and wrapped it around his head covering his eyes. "No peeeeking hun." She leaned him completely on his back and unbuttoned the top of his shirt kissing his chest. She slowly grabbed his hand and chained it to the bed. " woah what are you doing!" He asked a little nervous. "Nothing hun it's jist part of the game!" "Heh well ok..." she ripped off his belt with a bandaid and placed her hands on his stomach to feel the rippling of his abs. She began to concentrate as she worked her magic. Slowly Ted's stomach began to grow with pudge under her finger tips. First it bloated outward almost like he drank a beer too fast but then it started to widen and sag looking more like he was eating donuts the past few months, his shirt started to shrink causing large gaps to form in between his light blue button up shirt. His pecs which already stretched the chest of his shirt began to swell up. His nipples widened as they increased in width. Soon they felt softer and meatier. Ted still had no clue the surprise he was about to receive. His thighs expanded filling his pant legs followed by his calves. His junk also started to grow first stretching longer and longer, and soon began to thicken. Bethany watched as his whole body at this point stretched and swelled causing his clothing to make loud creaking sounds. "Ungf I feel funny, everything feels so tight." Said Ted. Bethany distracted him by kissing his lips. She could feel them plump up a bit under hers she slowly got off the bed to watch the rest of the magic happen. His clothes were now at the bursting point. He looked like a jock who blew up on steroids, every part of him was so round and tight. It looked as if he was filling like a balloon.she watched as his bulbous gut popped one, then two, and then three buttons, slowly popping their way up his torso.his bloated pecs soon followed suit popping the rest of his shirt open. A loud rip could be heard startling ted. He jumped and removed the blindfold struggling to reach with his new rounded arms. He looked around confused but just as he looked down his growing manhood popped the button of his khakis. "WHAA...WHATS HAPPENING I'M BLOWING UP." "That's what you get for messing with a witch!" He whimpered as the sides of his pants began to rip, exposing more of his inflated ass. He tries to fiddle with the chains but couldn't close his hand all the way, his fingers had thickened up to the size of sausages ans well as the rest of his hand. His feet also felt super tight in his converse shoes. His toes soon ripped their way through the top of the shoes, causing them to completely burst. The bed began to creak as he inflated more and more with lard. His shirt ripped off the rest of the way followed by his pants leaving him in just socks and boxers. With a rumble he let out a burp and his body jolted to a stop. "Please, change me back I'm sorry!" He slurred through his fat cheeks. "No, not yet, I'm going to let you think about what you did but I'll come back for you to at least take you down to three hundred pounds tomorrow night. Goodnight fatty!" Next on her list, Alex, the nerd of the jocks.
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