chapter 1

Kyle was tall with blonde hair that was spiked in the front and piercing blue eyes. He walked through the hallways on his way to gym class. He was on the muscular side but always desired to grow bigger, especially when his coach said if he bilked up enough he could be a quarterback on the team. He tried tirelessly to gain weight but to no avail couldn't put on a single pound of muscle. After gym he started his walk home,when he stumbled on an ad. It showed magic elixirs with the title "make your dreams a reality!" He chuckled to himself "what a load of bull." He continued to walk but the road he usually went on was blocked off and under construction so he took the path to the right. Barley anybody went down this path after the main roads opened. Just as he was about to get on the road however he saw that the road had the same shop that was advertised. It was an old grey rickety building that looked like it dated back from another time. He was somehow drawn to it. He decided it wouldn't hurt to look inside and see what it was. Once he stepped foot inside he was mesmerized. The whole place had a theme that resembled the inside of a genie bottle with vials of different colored liquids everywhere. He decided even if it were just an elaborate scam he might as well have some fun while here. He went to the desk and rang the bell. A lady appeared from behind the curtain "greeting how may I assist you?" She had strawberry blonde hair which curled down to her shoulders and was wearing a black dress, she looked to be about mid 20's. "Uhm uh uh hi I-I'm uh Kyle and I used was wondering if you had something to help me uh get bigger?" She gave a cheerful grin "why sure I have all sorts of trinkets and gizmos for many things are you sure this is what you want. He nodded. She ran back behind the curtain and brought back a vial filled with a green liquid. "Here you go handsome, again are you sure you want to change your body I think you look nice just the way you are!" He shook his head yes "I need to get bigger so I can be a quarterback on my football team my coach says I'm not big enough to be one yet." She handed him the vial "ok good luck to ya I hope you get what you wish for." "What do I owe you?" "Oh nothin sweetheart every first customer gets one on the house, but about the potion I must warn once you drink it there is no going back the potion will make you bigger everyday for three weeks then will slow to a stop!" "Thank you!" He replied. He walked out of the shop and headed home to try out his new find even though it sounded too good to be true.
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