Bigger brother

chapter 1

Brian and his older brother Patrick were always close growing up. Both of them were big-time jocks, playing football, baseball, and basketball throughout their high school career. However, both of them had a deeper interest in football over the other two.

Although brothers, they didn't look much alike. Patrick was 6'5 and 250 lbs of muscle. Brian was 6'0 and 190 lbs. Standing next to each other Patrick was clearly bigger, and Brian (although certainly not skinny) looked like a twig next to his older brother.

Patrick and Brian were two years apart, and the two would inevitably be separated when Patrick would go off to college. Patrick and Brian enjoyed their last summer together, and Brian and his family said their goodbyes to Patrick. It was a sad moment, but Brian was happy to know Patrick would be coming back for Winter Break in just a few months.

Brian was starting his Junior year of high school, and was a star member of his football team. Though they lost their best player Patrick, the team still played well in their games. They ended up losing their championship, but life went on.

Between September and December Brian and Patrick kept in contact with each other, but barely, so when December finally rolled around, Brian was estacic to see his big brother.

And big he was.

It was the start of December, and Patrick wouldn't have to go back to college until the end of January. Unfortunately, Brian would still be in school throughout the month, but at least they'd be home together.

Brian watched as his dad's truck pulled up into the driveway, and he watched as a stranger got out of the passenger seat to get the bags from the back. Who was this guy with his dad? Brian stepped out into the cold and realized it was Patrick.

Patrick still had the face of a stud and muscles pressing out through his shirt, but he was sporting a huge gut outlined by his tight shirt. It was enormous, he could see an indent for the belly button and a good size pair of moobs to sit on top. Patrick ran over to give Brian a hug, in which Brian now felt the girth of this new luggage.

"Brian! How are ya?" Patrick said.
"Good" Brian managed to spit out, still confused. How could this be his stunner of a brother, who had a 6pack to die for, and muscles busting out of every shirt?
"You look good!" Patrick said, sizing up his younger brother. "You been keeping it up at the gym without me?" He asked.

"Have you?" Brian asked, and Patrick started laughing.

"Yeah I know, I let my self go a little bit, but the freshmen 15 is the freshmen 15" Patrick joked. More like freshmen 50, Brian thought.

After a long plane and car ride, Brian and Patrick's mother had cooked a huge meal. Brian and Patrick always had larger-than-normal appetites, but their dedication to the gym kept them in good shape. They weren't the type of people to watch their calories and limit their sweets. They'd eat as much as they want, and whenever they want, but would go to the gym about 8 hours a week to burn off any unwanted baggage. Patrick seemed to forget the latter of the boys' tradition.

On the table was two dishes of lasagna, a salad, two bowls of chips. The family began to dig in, with their mom and dad each starting with a piece of lasagna and a bit of salad. Brian quickly grabbed three slices and laughed at the salad. Patrick did the same, and it felt like old times, especially since Brian couldn't see that gut of Patricks. But he was quickly reminded of it when he saw Patrick digging into his food.

Patrick was eating as if he was in a contest. He was shoving forkfulls of lasagna into his mouth as Brian watched in awe. Patrick quickly finished his three pieces, and placed another 3 onto his plate. After finishing that, he placed another 3, and the pattern continued, until Patrick had eaten the entire 15 piece dish of lasagna. Fortunately for Brian and the rest of the family, there was still a dish for them, but Brian was shocked. Brian ate himself full with 5 pieces. He then noticed that Patrick kept his meal on by shoving chips into his mouth with both hands, greedily with a smile on his face.

Soon after, Patrick burped loudly and started rubbing his stomach. Brian could see how Patrick had gotten so fat so fast. He shuddered when his mother came back with a huge cake. "Who's ready for dessert?" She asked.

"I am!" Patrick said
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apologies to anyone waiting for a new chapter, I'm finishing up my finals this week and hope to continue writing during my break! appreciate the support!
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