A jock's diet

chapter 1

Coach Jackson grew tired of losing. The University of Florida had been on a losing streak for years, never making it far in the playoff season of football. He continuously looked for solutions but never found the right answer. Why had his team lost, for five years in a row now? What could he do different?

Coach Jackson examined the list of the newcoming freshmen who would join the team. Liam Duncan, 6'3, 200 lbs. Steve Tanning, 6'4, 180 lbs. Brad Johnson, 6'4, 225 lbs. Coach Jackson threw the list aside. "Pftf," he said. "Not a single one above 230." And then it came to him.

The first day in the lockerroom was usually a breeze for Liam. Meet back up with old friends, excited to start the year, but that was High School Football. This was serious. Liam didn't know who would be with him in the lockerroom, and didn't know what laid ahead, and had to admit he was nervous.

This was the same for all the freshmen. Nervous. Coach Jackson wasted no time and introduced himself as the Coach for the University of Florida's football team. He explained all the rules and regulations, and he wanted to inact his plan, effective immediately.

"This year and UF, we don't plan on losing. And we need mass up on the field. So, I will be taking full control of your diets. I will be making sure you all follow your daily caloric intake (being 5000 calories, 2x the natural intake)." The boys looked around at each other, confused.

"So, at the mess hall, I've granted all football players a pass for 4 meals a day. All funded by the department." The boys again looked around confused.
"Its free." The boys cheered. How could they pass up 4 free meals a day, they were college students.

"In the gym, I will personally schedule your gym sessions, and which exercises you do. But as of right now, no cardio."

Coach Jackson was overly excited to see these boys on the field after a few months of his experiment. With no cardio and 5000 calories a day, these boys were bound to get huge. Nothing would stop them from plowing over the other teams.

After coach left the lockerroom, the boys instantly started talking. "5000 calories, is that healthy?"
"I dunno man, but 4 free meals a day is something I can't pass up."
"I'm definitely going to take advantage of that- hope they got refills handy."
"How much food do you think they'll give us?"

Amongst all the boys chattering was Steve, Liam, and Brad. They each were excellent football players and undoubtedly excellent to look at. Steve was tall with dark hair and tanned skin. Liam had a bit more muscle definition than Steve, but was a bit shorter with brown hair. Brad was the heaviest and tallest of the three, with biceps pushing on 20 inches.

The three were happy to know they would be playing together; they were roommates after all.

In time practice was over, and after showering in the lockeroom, coach met up with the team again.

"I do fully plan on following this diet plan. If you finish all 4 meals at the mess hall, you would have reached your 5000 calories for the day. If you want to eat more, thats even better. So, who wants to see their first meal?" Coach asked, and after practice, all the huge jocks were hungry and excited to see what meals they'd be in store for the year
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Kichubt09 6 years
If only this could be made into a movie smiley
Kichubt09 6 years
Really loving this story. I hope there's more to come...I love where chapter 9 leaves off!
Tanktopguy 6 years
would be hot if the guys become too fat and out of shape after a while, maybe they slack offf on the weight lifting too? smiley
MangaBL 6 years
I can't wait until the football players are big and heavier than sumo wrestlers!!😆😆😆
Hurgon 6 years
Very promising start!