Bizzare weight gain story

chapter 1 - new day. new body

Sunlight hits, noises are heard from outside and it feels like I have the biggest hangover, except that’s not the case. I did not know where I was at nor I could not remember anything that happened, but the “biggest” concern was when I looked down and saw my body. What I saw shocked and rendered me speechless. Not only was I completely naked on a bed, but my whole body was a huge blob of FAT! I was an obese man! I looked huge, and I felt huge just by being still. My body spread across the bed and I could feel so much of weighing me down. It looked like every part of me was injected with fat, and I was hairless as well. Like I said: speechless.

I didn’t know what to look at first. My belly? My legs? My arms? I was fat everywhere! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The part of me that caught my attention first was my chest. If being huge was shocking enough, a pair of boobs also sat inches from my face. It was true! I had actual man boobs. What I couldn’t even fathom more was how they looked like natural tits on a girl. I could easily be mistaken for chick with these. “Are these real?” I thought to myself. I nervously raised my hand to touch them, and even squeeze them. They were real, and DAMN they were very sensitive. I didn’t think a man could sport such woman-like breasts, and here in front of me was the biggest pair I could think of.

Past my moobs was a hill of fat. I had the biggest belly, the hugest gut imaginable. I looked around me and noticed my surroundings, worried now where I was at. I was in a room, just – a regular room. There was a small window, a drawer, a mirror on the wall, etc. There was nothing else that stood out to explain where I could be. The walls looked to be made out of chalk or concrete, and though there was a window, it felt dark. Focusing on myself again I tried to heave myself from the bed to sit myself up. It took forever to try and do this, but there was no luck. I rolled to my side and exerted all my energy to push my body up. Once I was sitting straight, my breathing intensified; I was so out-of-breath that I felt like I could pass out. After a long couple of minutes, I took a breather. Eyeing my expanding belly, I slowly reached down to touch it, almost scared to. I put my hands on this fleshy boulder that’s my body, and just like my dangling breasts, I felt and squeezed it. This was really me. This body is really mine. I just couldn’t comprehend what was going on. I was a fat. How much did I weigh? Could someone really get this huge? How did I look?

I looked pass my stomach and examined everything else. My feet (at least all that I could see) looked like tree trunks with rolls folding from top to bottom. My love handles were also unbelievably huge. It almost looked like a hula-hoop of fat circling around me; it felt like another body part attached that I couldn’t describe the feeling to. And my arms looked huge, but instead of any muscle, fat and more fat just hanged off my arms. I could only imagine what my back looked like. I look over my shoulder as best as I could, and that was enough to see two huge ass cheeks hanging off me.

It took another long five or ten minutes to stand on my feet. Once I finally got all the momentum to yet again push myself up, I blasted off from the bed and stood on my giant legs. Gravity was not so keen, and it felt like the weight of the world was literally on me. I felt my whole body giggle almost violently. It was hard to move around and I got the feeling I could just fall down easily just by how tired and heavy I was. Once my composure and breathing were controlled, I finally got a glimpse of myself on the mirror hanging off the wall. I couldn’t believe it; standing in front of me was the fattest person to exist, and I was that person. My face did not look as bad as everything else, but it didn’t take away from everything else. How did this happen? How am I this huge? And why was . . .


I felt startled like an animal hearing a twig break in the middle of the forest. I saw the door where the noise came from, completely oblivious to my view moments ago. Now more questions were running through my head. Who was on the other side? Was I kidnapped? I felt like it was a very possibility. And then another noise came through, a noise I did not expect, a woman’s voice.

“Hello? Did you wake up?”

It was obvious that it was a woman. Thankfully I was close enough to the door to reach for the lock, but my assumption got the best for me. Instead of being careful along with being unadjusted to my new body, I lost balance, tripped and fell right to the door. Nothing seemed broken, but my weight definitely caused a loud rumble.

“Are you ok? What happened?”

On the ground and feeling a bit dizzy, the door began to push outward but was instead blocked by body. I put two together and guided my vision to lock the door. Thankfully my huge weight was enough to keep the door from opening. Whoever it was on the other side began trying to push their way in.

“Please open the door! I can help!”

My first instinct, and what felt like my only option, was to stay butt-on-the-ground still. I said nothing and stayed there for as long as I could until I felt the banging on the door slowly stop. Just sitting down being scared and trapped felt exhausting. And thus this is me right now, stuck in a fat suit locked up who knows where with a possible sociopath right outside the door. What can happen next?
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