By J2ck

chapter 1

James loved his job. Miserable girls forced to lose their thick thighs, juicy love handles. He loved every pound. By the end of tonight he would be paid millions, and get to pick a girl to bring home.

"007? Didn't you hear me! We've got to re group said Jacob in a loud whisper.

The operation had 9 people in it including him.
All wearing the same camo uniforms with assault rifles. (If things heated up). He'd never been more ready.

He stealthily trekked through the woods until they reached a van. The command center or what he liked to call the heart of the operation

********************************* **********************
Parents had already said they're goodbyes and were long gone. It was almost lunch time and Elizabeth sat under a tree next to their blue windowless cabin. Her long ginger hair billowing in the wind. It was a pretty small camp only 60 girls. She was considered on the brink of obese. At 190 pounds. It had been so long ago were she could actually see her feet, upside her soft belly and her boobs that had gone up 3 sizes.

The announcer called everyone to lunch.
"We will have tofurkey sandwiches and cliff bars for snack. My favorite lunch hands down."

Groaning could be heard from everyone. She didn't eat any of her lunch or dinner.

She opened her suitcase which had a fake bottom which revealed all the snacks she would need to survive the 4 agonizing weeks. Everyone was busy outside doing the last activity of the day. she quickly opened up a bag of chips and started to chow down mindlessly on them like she would never eat another meal again.

"What are you doing with contraband!"

Her counselor was everything she ever wanted for a body, something she would never get. Fit but thicc and really beautiful.

"You will have to make your whole cabin clean the bathrooms tomorrow. Hope your happy."

"Please just let me have the skittles."

"That's the whole reason why your parents enrolled you here. she chuckled"

I wish she could have a taste at what its like being me Elizabeth mumbled under her breath.
*************************************** ****************

"Sleeping gas bombs"


" Restraints"


& quot;Vans in place?"


" ;Ready to commence"
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