Katelyn and her step dad

  By J2ck

chapter 1 settling in

Katelyn was on the couch stress eating some chips by the TV as usual. She was an ample girl with a chubby face and had long brown hair flowing down her back with gorgeous green eyes and b cup breasts.
Katelyn couldn't stop thinking about her mom. She was recently re married to a guy named Jeff. Jeff treated Katelyn like she was nothing.

Most of their get together and time out mostly involved food. Were he forced her to eat all the unnecessary food he bought her or she wouldn't be able to go home. She said nothing because she didn't want her mom to be sad and alone. Her dad had died over 5 years ago in battle. Katelyn would have traded anything to see him again.
She lazily sat on the couch, until her mom called her.

"Honey get off the couch and answer the door please. Remember I told you that Jeff or should I say your new dad is moving in with us today."

Lots of empty cardboard boxes laid around the house.

"Okay mom!"

She opened the door trying to put the best fake smile on her face. Jeff frowned at her and glared at her with his gray steely eyes. He was athletic very handsome about 6 ft 3 with his dark black hair styled into a comb over. Katelyn secretly liked his body.

"Aren't you going to put my coat away". He said coldly.

Katelyn put away his coat and made it back to the living room to watch more TV.

"Katelyn your father and I are planning to make a celebratory meal to commemorate our marriage tonight. I swear I bought grocery's. I will be out for about 2 hours shopping for supplies. Sit tight with your dad."

With Katelyn's mom gone it was just Jeff and her. Katelyn sensed the trouble in the air. Jeff slowly approached her. She was wearing a tight shirt that showed her growing belly.

"Now its time to have some real fun said Jeff." He pounced on top of her put her on a dinning room chair and tied her hands behind her back.

Katelyn was left aghast by her situation that she forgot to run or at least waddle.

"What are you doing to do to me creep!"

"I'm going to force feed you till your clothes are torn to shreds."

"That won't happen! My mom said we ran out of food."

"I actually kept it in a safe place just for the occasion." On his face he had a huge grin.

"For the main course a lasagna fit for a family of four and dessert a 10 layer death by chocolate cake served with ice cream with a surprise topping of my choice."

Katelyn sat helplessly on the chair. Closing her mouth.

"Come on open wide for daddy."

Katelyn would never open her mouth. Suddenly Jeff's strong hands pinched her nose until she couldn't breath. Now she knew she wouldn't have a choice. She opened her mouth wide and as soon as she did a large spoon full of lasagna was stuffed into her mouth spoon after spoonful. The lasagna boomed with flavor.

She no longer hid her emotions. She moaned as she chewed each flavorful bite. She finally let go. Only a few pieces remained on the plate

"I'm too full. Can I stop Jeff, another bite and I will pop." She looked like she was four months pregnant. What would her boyfriend think when he saw her like this? "I won't tell my mom if you don't do it again."

"I know you wont do it piggy. Your to scared to ruin your moms happiness. Also from now on you have to call me daddy."

Tears rolled down Katelyn fat cheeks.

"Now it's time for dessert piggy."

On the table laid the 10 layer chocolate cake with the surprise ice cream on top. The ice cream was chocolate (her favorite) with twix,snickers,gummy bears with a mysterious creamy substance on it (1 stick of butter). Just seeing it made Katelyn feel less full. She was caught in a gaze.

"PIGGY! Are you listening to me?! Open your fucking mouth." I will now slap your belly when you are bad. He lifted her tight shirt to reveal her round protruded belly which slightly hung down because it was bloated. He smacked her belly.

Katelyn yelped in shock and did what she was told. This time Jeff trusted her to eat by herself.
He put a plate with 1/4 of the cake on it with a dollop of ice cream.

"What are you waiting for. Dig in you fat slob."

She ate until her belly was full again.

"I'm so full please just let me go."

He felt her stomach.

"I can feel and air bubble in here. There's still more room." He started to knead and rub her belly fat and unzipped her pant zipper. Her belly immediately poured out and slightly rested on her lap.

Burps and gas escaped from her body. Her shirt felt to tight

"Now finish the rest of this cake before your mom gets here."

She ate until her jaws were tired and her tummy was painfully stuffed. Her breasts were swollen and went to b's to double d's her bra became tight. As soon as she got up her shirt ripped.

"You have to eat tonight's dinner too. Go get changed".

*15 minutes later*

"I'm home, who is ready for some lasagna and dessert?" Katelyn come down stairs".

Katelyn laid on her bed massaging her belly.
She waddled to her closet and put on a Harvard sweatshirt to cover her newly formed pot belly and looser jeans and made her way downstairs to the same feast she had all by herself 15 minutes ago. She felt so embarrassed.She ate her share of food and went upstairs and fell asleep rubbing her new food baby which made her look 7 months pregnant.

Katelyn's height is 5 ft 3 and her weight went from
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J2ck 6 years
Sorry the chapters are coming in slowly. I've encountered and issue.
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i love it, i cant wait to read whats next
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Glad to finally see another chapter
FA Guy 7 years
Glad to see you kept going. Can't wait to see the next chapter
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I will incorporate that in the next episode.
J2ck 7 years
She will as the story continues. I'm working o the next chapter.

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