Boyfriend never tells

chapter 1

"Baby I've brought you a surprise today!" He's showing that killer smile, again. "Ta-da! Puddings!"

He grabs one, then two, then three,...... eight puddings in total, out from his bag. Vera's eyes brighten up in delight. He kisses her on the forehead, and feeds her a mouthful of pudding. "Happy eight months together, baby."


It has been eight months since they started dating. And she has curved out quite well -- gaining a decent 30 pounds. She once weighed 110 pounds, with long, slender legs and 19-inch waist. She was the kind of girl that makes you look twice. With her long, wavy blonde hair, her sapphire blue eyes and her model-like body. She was the hottest girl on campus and at work, men could not take their eyes off her, and women hated her for the same reason.

However, since she started dating Blake, she's been pampered. He do all the house chores for her, go out to grab food back home, and feed her a decent amount of food. She never likes to exercise, by the way. So she just sit on the couch all day watching Korean dramas and munching away. Gradually, her waistline increased and she has developed a muffin top. Her butts grew wider too. Some of her old clothes won't fit, but Blake always blame their washer for shrinking them, and then buy her new, larger-size clothes.
She gets used to the lifestyle, becoming lazier and lazier. And her appetite has grown too. We all know what happens if you eat a lot but don't move.

So here she is, with extra pounds of fat creeping up her body. She lies in Blake's lap, enjoying him feeding her puddings and squeezing her boobs, which are now quite soft and bouncy, unlike before.
"How good it feels!" thinks Blake. "I would love her boobs as well as her belly to grow even softer, bigger, and bouncier."
He looks at his baby girl, ideas forming in his head. "I'm going to fatten her up strategically. I will make her really really fat and fucked up, so that nobody else will steal her away from me."

He smiles and scoops up another mouthful of pudding.
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