Office gain

chapter 1 - viv

"Viv, here you are! Guess what, I bought you some breakfast, as usual."

Joseph shouts from across the office. I smile. Joseph has been so sweet to me from my first day of work. He is about the same age as me, two or three years older still. He's got that killing smile and you can even tell that he's got a hot body with all the heavy suits he wears. He has dark chestnut-colored hair and clear blue eyes that look like sapphires.

This is my seventh day in office. After graduation, I've been lucky enough to enter a world-famous investment bank. Good salary and good working environment - we've got free cookies, candies, beverage, instant noodles and ICE CREAM in our office! I've been munching my way throughout the work time. It helps me keep my brain clear; it really does. Joseph works in the same department as me, which is the administrative department. We've got lots of paperworks to do, and I hardly have time to get out of the chair throughout the working time. It's tiring, but I do not have much to complain.

As I walk closer to my desk, I find my favorite chocolate sandwich lying on my desk with a huge plate of french fries, and a cup of bubble milk tea.
"You really shouldn't, Joseph. Although I ADORE these shits, I have a feeling I'm gonna gain ten pounds just finishing these." I carelessly pull back my chair and slump down, pick up the french fries one by one and thrust them into my mouth.
Hmmmmm. Delicious. That's how you should start your day.

"Nahhh, there's no way you're gonna gain weight eating JUST THESE, Viv. Besides, you're the most beautiful girl in office huh? EVEN IF you gain ten pounds, you're still gonna be the sexiest."
I rolled my eyes upon hearing this. "Well, maybe not if I just eat these today....., but I've been having these for a whole week now......, you bet." However, I feel pretty happy that Joseph has just said I'm the sexiest in office.

Still stuffing french fries into my mouth, I open up the document I need to get done by this morning and take a sip of my bubble milk tea. What else can I ask for? This is the perfect office life, right?
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Zachi 6 years
great start, please continue!