Broken hearted

chapter 1 - the breakup

Lucy woke up to the sound of her alarm. Tired and frustrated, she got out of bed and got ready for work. Lucy hated her job. For five days a week she would wake up at 8 and start her job at 9. She had a boring office job where she sat for pretty much 8 hours on the computer analysing data for a local tech company. Despite the dull, boring routine, she always made sure to wear a tight, black mini skirt with a long sleeve pink shirt which fit snug around her perky tits and small waist. Lucy wasn't a tall girl, at 18 she was only around 5 foot 4, however she managed to keep an athletic body by playing hockey every weekend and practice on Wednesdays. She had a gorgeous face boasting bright blue eyes, perfect light brown hair and a cute smile which made her popular amongst her coworkers.

When she arrived at work, her day was like any other. Sitting down, doing pretty much nothing apart from stairing blankly at a screen whilst eating chocolate bars mindlessly from the vending machine. Lucy loved chocolate, if she could, she would eat it until she felt sick. But she knew she had to keep up her looks, as it was the only thing going for her. Other than her bubbly personality of course.

Once the time hit 5 o'clock, she headed home from work. Back to her grubby flat. When she entered through the door she flung herself onto her couch where she watched T.V. She continued to watch until 7 o'clock when she decided to make herself spaghetti for dinner. Just as she was cooking the spaghetti, she received a call from her boyfriend, Luke.
"Hey babe, what's up?" Lucy said with excitement, hoping for good news.
"Err...Luce...I err...need to tell you something" She could hear the awkwardness in his voice.
"Yeah, what's the matter?" She said with disappointment.
"I...I cheated on you last night when I went out with the guys" Lucy's heart sank to the floor as she began to feel like she was going to cry.
"What the fuck, Luke. Why would you do that to me..." She began to shake with a tear running down her soft cheek.
"So what? Anyway, I met a girl last night and I'm with her now. Bye" Luke hung up and Lucy was left on her own in her flat, crying.
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JoeBillyBob 5 years
Yeah, 195 is not that fat. Im thinking.......... 300 to 400. But an overall great story.
Deth 5 years
I agree with most of the comments, your weight description is not matching with the body you are describing. Good story though
Jazzman 5 years
Stared.You're describing 195 like it's 350.
My girlfriend weighed 211 and the suspension was fine in my sub compact car.
Still like the way the story flows.
Chubpup 5 years
Why does everything have to be sexual, I have a story about a girl called Lucy and she is the opposite of this girl.
Jazzman 5 years
Stared. Don't Over Speed.The best stories have patience.I like your first story.Your next one will be better.Nice job
FA Guy 5 years
You're off to a excellent start. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this.
Feedher3000 5 years
More weight please... 130 lbs will not creak floor boards, it can, but it is not a substantial weight. Just my constructive criticism.
Theswordsman 5 years
You could have them move in together
Jazzman 5 years
Good changes. Liking it better! It's a great plot idea.
AndiFive 5 years
More please!!!!
Hellofang2000 5 years
More please
Jazzman 5 years
Great plot concept. Your rate of gain is unrealistic for accidental gain The quantities are also completely unrealistic. Don't rush.Unless you seek to write a pure fantasy story then go ahead.You've got potential as a writer.