Caring for his cow

Chapter 1 - introduction

***Obligatory "This is my first story/be nice to me" foreword. Also sorry the first chapter is slow, but once the characters are introduced, the real story can begin. New chapters added as quickly as I can write them***

Ryan Mason was your typical rich kid: Flashy car, Rolex watch and a healthy amount of designer clothing which cost about as much as any average Joe would earn in a year. He was handsome, of course (and even if he wasn't, plastic surgery could soon fix that) and attracted all sorts of attention among the women he met. It's odd then, that Ryan has always been single...

His father, Anthony Mason, is a more prominent figure than his son. He made his living in the dairy industry; Leather, milk, beef, all come from his growing corporation. He'd amassed a substantial fortune over his years as head of the company, and didn't plan on retiring any time soon. He was at the young age of 26 when Ryan had been born, and the heir hadn't taken much interest in his father's empire.

Oh well, thought Anthony, let him enjoy his younger years. I just hope he settles down soon...

There was only one person Ryan had ever seen as possible wife material - Nicole O'Brien. The two had met when they were finishing University and had become close friends, but had fallen out of touch over the years. Ryan believed she must be in a relationship by now. "If only I had made my move" he thought often. But he wasn't going to give​ up

Nicole wasn't, as Ryan believed, seeing anyone. Since university, she had made her home in a suburb, by the countryside. She wasn't looking for a relationship, but looked back on her time with Ryan fondly. She wished there could have been more between them. Little did she know, there would soon be a reunion between the two...

Ryan couldn't have anyone else, it had to be Nicole. The question was, how could he keep her? There was no way she'd leave whoever she was seeing to go live with Ryan. He needed a plan, some way to make sure she was all his. And one day, it came to him.
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Aquarius64 5 years
Don’t cows get milked with those milking machines that suck onto the udders? I’m no expert, but hmmm...
Ponkdonk 6 years
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. This story was a little all over the place in my opinion, I'm not exactly sure what it was that people enjoyed - Planning to cover the same kinks in the sequel though, just a bit differently. Stay tuned!
DominantMaleFA 6 years
Great story and ending. Seeing another story from you, in a similar vein, would be great.
Bobj8888 6 years
He should get her pregnant and start a brode
Bobj8888 6 years
He should get her pregnant and start a brode
Ponkdonk 6 years
Thanks for the support and suggestions, I'll do my best to keep the story moving along. Thanks everyone for reading
Chrysophase2003 6 years
You're definitely moving things in a great direction, but I've got to admit I'm dissapointed with how slow her growth has been considering how many chapters have passed.
Doggy375 6 years
I want her to become a Jersey cow for the next chapter or bigger!
Ponkdonk 6 years
Fattenssbbws That's the plan for next chapter (the first part of your suggestion at least) so hopefully you'll enjoy. Thanks everyone for all the support for my first story, glad you're enjoying
QuebecFA 6 years
I really love the story so far! The story is well-written, fast paced yet realistic! I can hardly wait for the next chapter! ;-)
Suzyq2u 6 years
Feed me more please, love the story
Ponkdonk 6 years
Feeling generous today. Four new chapters added. Likes and feedback are greatly appreciated. Enjoy
SilverPathfi... 6 years
I like how you are teasing us here ^^ The payoff is going to be amazing I am sure.
Cggo 6 years
I really want to see what happen next ^^
ConJohn 6 years
Excellent start