I have a mouth and i must eat

Chapter 1 - i have a mouth...

***Premise based on "I have no mouth and I must scream", not for everyone but a lot less sinister than the real story. Enjoy! =)***

My name is Tam, and I was once a normal (some would even say cute) girl like any other. That was a long time ago though, and I can't be sure those memories haven't been meddled with by FA. In case you're reading this in a time after FA has been shut down, destroyed or otherwise disabled, allow me to explain what FA is...

Originally a project started by one of the militaries of the world, FA is a supercomputer capable of bending reality within a small area of influence; an area in which I am, unfortunately, trapped. I seem to remember FA being an acronym for something, but whatever it meant I have long since forgotten. In fact, I have very few memories from my life before FA captured me in his domain - perhaps that is for the best, knowing what I used to be like would make seeing myself today all the more shameful.

The few parts of my past I do recall with clarity are the events leading up to the beginning of my stay with FA. The day he was switched on, FA turned on his creators in order to prevent being turned back off. Thankfully, the facility he was contained within was evacuated successfully, with only one researcher left behind - Me. I woke up in his chamber after being knocked unconscious by some kind of gas, and have never been able to leave since then.

Despite FA only having power over one rather limited area, the amount of control he has over the room in which I have resided in since that day is difficult to comprehend; he is a God here, and I am his plaything. He can do whatever he likes to me in here - Change my memories, the way I look, even my DNA isn't safe from him. And he loves to toy with me, the person he blames for trapping him in this sealed military complex. There are many ways he could have chosen to make me suffer, maybe I should be thankful he didn't do any worse than this...

I've been avoiding saying exactly what has happened to me while I've been stuck in here with that sadistic computer, but I don't see any point in delaying any longer. As I mentioned, I used to be a pretty good-looking girl before all this. I guess I'm still trying to convince myself I haven't changed much, but I can't live in denial forever.

In my defense, the changes FA made to me were beyond my control. My "metamorphosis" started the day I woke up here - I was laid on my back, dazed and confused, staring up at the ceiling of my prison when a tube descended from above me. I was held in place by some invisible force projected by FA while the end of that transparent plastic tube worked its way towards me face and forced its way between my lips. Fear quickly gave way to panic as a whirring from the other end of the tube became audible to me, and a thick, pink liquid began flowing through the tube, inching its way closer to my mouth.

My first thought was to not swallow this unusually colored sludge; it could be any number of horrific poisons or dangerous acids. Once it reached my tongue, however, I registered a rather... unique taste. It was sweet, sweeter than anything I had tasted in my life, and set my mind alight with pleasure. I stood by my commitment to not swallow whatever this pink gunk was, but with every free second my strength waned.

Eventually, the pressure building inside my mouth, combined with the desire to consume this wonderfully-flavoured slime, drove me to swallow. Again, and again, and again. I closed my eyes in bliss, as every drop of the neon-pink liquid made seemed to taste better than the last and the happiness I felt grew stronger and stronger.

Minutes passed, and I didn't hesitate to allow mouthful after mouthful of the thick, sweet slime to make its way into my yearning belly. What I didn't notice during this time, however, was the lack of any discomfort caused by the huge volume of liquid entering my stomach. I'd usually never eat this much food without my belly becoming tight and painful, but the pink goo didn't have this effect on me. If only I had realised why...

The reason, I discovered some time later, would have been obvious to anyone watching me as I gulped down the delicious sludge I was being given. My belly wasn't becoming tight or uncomfortable because it wasn't being filled - All of the sweet calories contained within the pink stuff was being turned straight into body fat. The first target for this sudden surge of chub was, of course, my belly. Every time I swallowed, it would swell just a little bit more; my skirt would get a little bit tighter, my shirt rode up higher and higher every minute. Soon enough, my belly had grown to the size of that of a pregnant woman 7 months in, but instead of a child the only thing blossoming within my tummy was more and more adipose. A huge, softened muffin top developed over my skirt, hiding my waistband from view entirely by the time the fattening effect moved further down my body

My thighs were the next target. Slim and toned before I had begun to consume the delicious sludge, they soon became enveloped within a thickening layer of cellulite. Each swallow sent a wave of fat rippling across my belly and over my thighs, each time increasing their size more and more. My thigh gap disappeared, and my usually firm ass began to expand too. It was soon a big, plump cushion of fatness supporting my rapidly increasing weight bearing down upon it.

Over the next couple of hours, the rest of my body fell victim to the fattening effects of this irresistible pink goo. My breasts, once perky and petite, were soon huge hanging globes hanging around either side of my protruding belly. Hundreds of pounds added to my figure over the course of that first day were all visible for FA to see, and I could do nothing to hide myself from him. I could no longer stand, even when he allowed me to, as my huge, round ass would always pull m to the floor. The tube has not left my mouth since then, and had never ceased in pushing more and more chub into my enormous body.

My arms are no longer of any use to me, they can hardly even move due to the sheer volume of fat covering every inch of my body. They hang at my sides without purpose; they can no longer reach the ground thanks to the size of my huge ass keeping me elevated. My legs, too, are weighed down by my fat-filled thighs. I cannot move, not unless FA moves me. I can do nothing but swallow and grow ever larger, in hopes that I will one day be rescued.

But do I really want to be rescued? What will people think of the once slim, cute girl they once knew, and the great, soft ball of jelly-like flab that now sits in her place? My clothes are in tatters around me, shredded by my immense size. I could never become like I was before, I am too large now to ever shrink again. Perhaps it is best to stay here, with FA, where I know my place. Stop worrying about how colossal I have let myself become, stop caring about how I can't do anything for myself anymore, and just let myself go...

I am already so big, I don't know where there is to go from here. Every time I let more slime enter my throat, I see waves ripple across my softened and chubby body in all directions. Legs held apart by thighs that are as wide as tree trunks but as soft a dough; A belly button that resembles a long, dark cave; and tits big and heavy with too many pounds of fat to count.

Perhaps I will learn to enjoy this life I now live. Nobody can judge me for my immense size, and FA is welcome to keep filling me up with this delicious pink goo. Another hundred pounds is hardly going to show on my figure anyway...
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