Celestia weight gain

chapter 1

Hunger. One clear and sunny day, as wisps of wind lapped at her face and brushed her already-flowing mane, as her torso and legs laid sprawled across her bed, relaxed and aloof, Princess Celestia starred out the open window and onto her balcony. As she nudged the weighty star along, the noon glow reflected off the sparse clouds and white marble of the floor. She closed her eyes as she ruminated on a single sensation: hunger.

Celestia was ravenous. She felt a pit within her breast, consuming her thoughts, aching as it beckoned its fill.

The wise, articulate, tempered mare sighed.

"Time for lunch, I suppose."

Lunch was too generous a word. "Lunch" for the fair Princess was a sparse collection of salad greens and oats.

"All it took was a single unbecoming picture in the paper," she fumed.

"Suddenly I am less of a Princess in the eyes of my subjects. Normal. Vulnerable."

Celestia's rather generous portions of desert had caught the attention of the press. And whereas she had once been left to enjoy a singular respite in her eternal duty to raise and lower the sun, her advisors had curtailed her meals and prevented her from eating deserts except at public functions - a way of familiarizing herself with diplomats and guests.

To the advisors' dismay, this had only created a problem, one that the fair Princess was currently trying to bury in her rumbling stomach.
Having been denied her daily deserts, Celestia now took even slightest opportunity to engorge herself with cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, cookies, pies, eclairs, crepes - you name it. At a baking competition, Celestia was ready to swallow a towering desert-collage before somepony beat her to it. When Starlight saved Equestria, she spent every moment she could at the catering table, her only respite being a conversation with her faithful student. When her assistants relaxed her diet for Starlight's recent visit, Celestia cooked stacks of pancakes with fruit and whipped cream for every meal. Starlight did not object. She figured Celestia was simply being polite. But Celestia had not been making them for her. At least, that was not her first intention.

"Please don't do this to me. The next event is only three days from now. Luna will be coming back home from her diplomatic visit. I can finally have a slice of cake again. Twilight won't mind. She'll be too busy with the festivities to notice."

This growing fixation on her next true meal, and her over-indulgence at every royal event, had disrupted Celestia's metabolism. Over the years, her behind - already the largest in Equestria due to her impressive height - had widened into a perfectly-proportioned testament to the pristine beauties of marehood. The cutiemark on her flanks had grown along with her hips, becoming even more striking and, at least in her mind, regal. She remained slender, and this added thickness contrasted well with her petite waist and narrow limbs.

Though she never liked to admit it to herself, Celestia was proud of these features of hers. She was amused by how royal guards would snap back to attention behind her back if she turned her head. And strangely, the thought that her ass had...grown made her heart skip a beat, and her loins quiver.

"I simply cannot cheat on my diet again! What will my little ponies think if they find out their ruler cannot resist a sugary, creamy, warm...fluffy...mouth-watering..."

Cel estia's legs and neck flexed and tightened as her mouth watered. She imagined sugary confections laden with creamy frosting.


Her stomach growled loudly and her eyes popped open. The decision had been made.

"Forget it! I am the Princess of the sun, ruler of Equestria. And I am hungry!"

Celestia stood up, slammed the door to her room open, and marched down the hall to the royal kitchen. On the way she called over one of her many assistants.

"I want you to clear my schedule for the next three days. I am taking a vacation."
"To where, my Princess?"
"The dining hall. Tell the chefs to prepare 10 of every desert in the recipe books. My diet is over."
"But...Princess I-"
"Your concern is noted, my dear. I have spent a long time thinking about this, and I know exactly what I am doing. Good day."

Celestia entered the dining hall and sat in her chair at the end of the long table. Over the next half-hour servant ponies formed a seemingly-endless procession from kitchen to table, covering its surface with every sugary treat imaginable - cakes, chocolate and white-chocolate fountains, muffins, pancakes, shortcakes, and everything in between.

Celestia's purple eyes were almost tearing up. Her heart raced as she bided her time, waiting for the procession to end just so she could see the full expanse of food made just for her. Once it had, she called to the waiters in a shaky voice.

"Now...now tell the chefs to make this exact spread every time I enter this room."

The servants shared puzzled looks but said nothing. They bowed and carried out the Princess' order as they had always done.

"Finally." She gasped.
"It's all mine."

Using her magic, Celestia picked up the nearest cupcake - red velvet with cream frosting and red sprinkles. She inspected the fluffy treat, sniffing it and inhaling deeply as she did. Without looking, she levitated it into her mouth. Celestia bit down on the cupcake. It filled her mouth as she ate it whole. At an instant, her taste buds exploded. She could feel the pure sensation of bliss release within her brain. Sparks shot off of her horn as an unequivocal feeling of joy flooded her very soul. She moaned as she chewed. And no sooner had she swallowed the first cupcake had a second reached her gaping maw.

She picked up treat after treat, pastry after pastry, chewing and moaning and quivering for hours on end. The food was as if a drug. And she rode the high for as long as she could.

After some time had passed, she began to feel full. Taking a breath to catch her wits, Celestia, now slumped back in her chair, her wings spread out and flowing onto the floor as she shoveled the deserts into her mouth, took a moment and ran one of her hooves along her tummy. The hours of feasting had caused her stomach to distend outward, ever so slightly, protruding from her otherwise svelte frame.

"Ha! Well, I suppose I should have been expecting this."

She rubbed her tummy. And, although she was yet to make the connection, Celestia began to feel a new sensation - arousal.
"Oof, I...uh...oh my..."

Making slow circles with her hoof, Celestia again closed her eyes as her mouth draped open. Her slow massage sent pulses throughout her body. And without a second thought, she picked up a three-layer cake with her magic, sliced off bite-sized chunks, and restarted her trance - this time awash in the dual sensation of taste and pleasure.

She went on in this way until her stomach ached in a different way. Celestia felt ready to burst. Even now, she cupped her ample food baby in her hooves, rubbing up and down its rounded form, admiring how smooth and symmetrical it seemed, complimented by her pristine white coat.

"Why is this so good?" She wondered aloud.
"I know I've taken a liking to deserts over the years, but this..."

She cupped her firm, distended belly, almost twice the size of a buckball and nearly reaching the edge of the table.

"This is too perfect. It's so big. It's so much...more of me."

This thought made the Princess shudder as her marehood tingled. She remembered the same perplexing feeling she had experienced when her butt and hips first began to noticeably widen.
Even as she was nearly bursting at the seams, Celestia still managed to chomp down on one last cookie, seeking to maximize the cacophony of bliss washing over every inch of her body. Even now, the table was only a third-empty. Celestia had spent all afternoon gorging herself. And now it was time to lower the sun and retire for bed.
She had to lunge her foreleg to one side and push with her wings to right herself. Once Celestia got back on her four hooves, she groaned as the weight of her food baby pulled her entire body toward the floor. She was exhausted. And after a few awkward steps, her pained tummy brushing against the inside of her thigh, she opted to teleport to her balcony instead.

Celestia lowered the sun yet again, right on time. Her thoughts wistfully returned to her sister as she saw the moon take its place. She yawned as she waddled to bed. Celestia collapsed onto her mattress, lied on her side and, again, rubbed her belly with her hooves as she drifted to sleep.

Oddly enough, her dreams were filled with fantastical images of towering gingerbread houses and mountains of ice cream.

"I can get used to this."
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Renamon 6 years
Adrielle 6 years
Fantastic. Ready to cringe? This story is...Heh...Magically delicious. Okay, I'm sorry XD But it is truly one of the best tales on this site. Continue!
Theswordsman 6 years
Love the story so far wonder how the sister is going to react.
Renamon 6 years
Cheval 6 years
Thanks for the comments Akwolfgrl13.

It's cool finally contributing something to this website.
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
Very nice
Cheval 6 years
Just wondering: if you add new chapters to a story, does it still get buried in the "latest" tab?

Can't decide if I want to "create" a new story for each chapter or stick to this format.
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
Oh celstia lol. Will luna end up joining in cant wait for more
Cheval 6 years
My sincerest apologies if the subject matter invokes certain...reservations. I am new to this site but I have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.

I am trying to keep the narrative fairly concise so the story can be readable without having seen the TV show.