Stoner weight gain

Chapter 1 - maybelline

Maybelline was what many would refer to as a stoner. No real drive or focus, simply coasting through life consuming what she could. So, it came as no surprise to her workaholic parents and similarly aloof group of friends at college that she had no real plan for the summer break.

'Blaze, snack, and chill' were the words she would frequent when referring to her time off, a lull that might otherwise be used to find a job or play a sport or meet with friends.

She inhaled the smoke of her bong on the first day. It was sunny and a cool breeze wisped at her auburn hair. Her green eyes were held shut as she held her breath. Her rail-thin torso inflated within a baggy t-shirt and hoody. Her thin hips snuggled into her seat within a pair of stretchy sweatpants. And her modest breasts caved inward as she exhaled.

Maybelline turned on the television, giggling at some such or other, as she began to cover the living room coffee table with a mountain of snacks. Doritos, Twinkies, peanut butter, pizza, pie, cupcakes, cheese, soda, and candy. And thanks to her all-too-regular medication, Maybelline had little doubt she could finish it all. For such a skinny girl, her ravenous intake could, at times, put competitive eaters to shame.

And this was her routine for the entire summer.
At first it was a bit of "bloating" that made her previously scarce midsection puff out when she sat hunched over, her mouth either stuffed with treats or shut with smoke. But then it was a touch of extra skin as she wandered through her home, curiously kneading her smooth tummy under her baggy clothes. After a few weeks, as the days blended together, Maybelline's already-padded chairs became increasingly comfortable, her thighs thickening and her butt widening.
Lacking a tightening waistband or the proper mindset, Maybelline thought it was just the weed making her paranoid, just the extra snacking making her bloated.

But the side-effects of her self-medicating were becoming increasingly apparent. Her belly now pushed out, round and distended, even on an empty stomach. Her bellybutton deepened. Her growing pouch of flub distributed evenly from her torso to her hips, her once-skinny legs now thickening and her ass forming a perfectly-proportioned bubble-butt that blossomed outwards as she sat and slightly jiggled as she walked.

Had it not been for her swelling breasts, she might have assumed a pear shape. Instead, Maybelline struck a stunning, curvy, hour-glass figure that invited experimental pokes and prods. Her mind, now quite aware of the added girth and certain of the cause, still swirled and buzzed. Each new band of pinchable skin elicited profound pleasure and entertainment, so much so that Maybelline often forgot to watch television, opting instead to massage her thickening layer of blubber and stuff herself silly, just to see how big her new tummy could get.

After a month, Maybelline's previously padded tummy now drooped atop a pair of voluptuous thighs. Ample love handles peaked out of the top of her sweatpants - once baggy, now skin-tight - and parted her t-shirt - once loose, now struggling to contain the mound of chub - to reveal her belly button. Her breasts tugged at the collar of her shirt, revealing an ample cleavage shared between two billowing breasts.

The routine was unaltered. But the plan for the summer was, by now, quite intentional.
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