Chloe and wes

chapter 1

***My first story, please judge me kindly*** the characters are very forward with each other obviously not terribly realistic but it's fantasy, I didn't want to spend alot of time on backstory, also any suggestions on grammar and punctuation are welcome****

He couldn't believe his eyes, there on the beach a few yards away was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had the face of a gorgeous angel and was hoggishly fat. She was on her knees in a sexy straddle position, her creamy, buttery soft pot belly resting between her enormously thick thighs so low it almost completely obscured her bikini bottoms. Just the fact that such a tubby girl would have the confidence to wear a skimpy bikini to the beach in front of all those scrutinizing eyes was such a turn on he was already starting to get hard.

She was rubbing sunblock firmly into her soft doughy skin. He was so nervous, he knew he was generally considered attractive he was tan with dark hair and eyes, he was built like Roni from the show Jersey Shore with about 20 extra pounds of fat keeping him from being too cut. He was big and built but not shredded, a fact that he felt was a bonus to the fat girls that he was attracted to. If his dream girl wanted him to gain a little he wasn't opposed to pig out right along side her. He pushed through the nervousness and approached her. Never one for being subtle or smooth he went in very direct with "Mmm it looks like you have alot of flesh to cover, do you mind if I help you with your sunblock? I would hate to see such gorgeous creamy skin get burned." He knew that was super forward but he wanted her to know for certain that he was VERY into her size. Her chubby cheeks flushed pink as she looked him up and down and smiled as she said "Sure" "Just make sure you use those big strong arms of yours to give me a nice massage, but I'm sure it won't be difficult for you, I'm very, very soft." He straddled her from behind and got to work on her jiggly love handles and heavy sagging belly. "Mmmm" she
said, "You must give a great belly rub" "I'd love to have you stuff me full and then rub my fat, food packed belly until it's nice and soft and hungry again, ready for more" "Then carry me up to your bedroom, I'm sure you are strong enough" she said with a tweak of his thick bicept. "Then I'll stuff myself even fuller with chocolates while you pleasure me orally and then stuff me fuller yet with your greedy cock" "I can just picture your firm muscular body thrusting against my huge soft pot belly and massive rotund thighs"

After a second to process what she just said and how incredibly hot it was he picked up her sunblock and towel and then her and carried her to his house right off of the beach. He placed her down on her feet and they started kissing ravenously squeezing and groping each other's flesh with unbridled desire. He glanced toward the kitchen and she shook her head No "there is time for that later, as much of a porky glutton that I am, I am much hungrier for you right now." She pointed to the carpet "There" she said, "I might be a little too wide for the couch" he moaned, so turned on by her confidence and self assurance. She obviously was very proud of her excessive fatness, she must get turned on by her own body, how f-ing hot ! he thought. As she laid down he moved over top of her and started to pull loose the strings of her bikini before spreading her chubby thighs wide and working his strong tounge expertly inside her. "You are so incredibly handsome" she whispered "If I could imagine the perfect man you would be it, so muscular and sexy but thick enough that you don't look like a Ken doll, just a little bit of love handles to squeeze" "I can tell you like to eat too, I wouldn't mind if your belly got a little bigger and softer. You're mine now, no more trying to be perfect for whatever dream fat girl you prayed would come along, hoping that the wild sexual attraction, passionate desperation will be mutual" "You have me, I'm yours, I want to be your perfect fatty, your very own porker to feed and fuck and humiliate." "Please enter me now, I'm so wet! I need your cock inside me!"

He slips on a condom because he knows he could so easily cum the second his grion hits her pillow-y fupa. Luckily that doesn't happen, he thrusts into her watching her fat jiggle and sway, grabbing on to her squishy love handles and nibbling her neck and soft double chin. "I'm yours too baby" "You don't know how long I've been waiting for a woman like you, uninhibited, aware of how insanely sexy you are" "Any girl I've been with in the past was so insecure, they couldn't fathom how I could love their size, always batting my hands away when I would reach out to caress a roll or a bulge. But YOU, you are amazing, I think you know to some extent you have me, but now I really believe in love at first sight, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or could dare to imagine!"

-2nd chapter coming later today
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Reflection O... 4 years
Ironic, in my younger days I used to look like Wes from the Tila Tequila show apparently.

Well done on the story
Built4com4t 4 years
Pretty good for a first time :-) keep fantasizing. Only suggestion is maybe to slow the action down a bit, add details like feelings and sensations to make your story more real.

NocturnalDev... 4 years
Waistingaway Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate it!!!