Cosmic gain

Chapter 1 - cosmic gain

By dragorat

The U.S.S. Encounter was an experimental craft on its maiden voyage into space. It was not only the craft that was experimental, but also the use of an all female crew was as well. The crew was made up of the top six women in their fields. Captain Eva Moore, the finest commander the academy ever graduated; Dr. Jenna Large, physician par excellence; Dr. Tonia Whey, astrophysicist; Lt. Debra Biggs, pilot; Dr. Lotta Stones, chemist and Dr. Catherine Gaines, astrobiologist.
With the new technology built into the Encounter, what had once been designated as a trip that would take years to complete could now be done in just a few weeks. The mission these ladies were on was to investigate an asteroid belt discovered between Neptune and Pluto. The Encounter made the trip there and back in just over a month. The crew spent eight days at the site taking samples and monitoring radiation levels before returning to Earth.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened during the entire trip, at least nothing any of them considered unusual. Upon landing back on Earth, the ladies were taken to the base infirmary for there return check-ups. Each of the ladies checked out exactly the same as their pre-flight physicals, except for one thing! Even though they all physically looked the same, their weights all registered at least double their preflight weights!! All the equipment was checked, disassembled, reassembled and checked again. Nothing was found to be wrong with the equipment, but the results remained the same! Dr.Large decided that she and the others should remain in the infirmary for further observation until this mystery could be solved!

Each day the ladies were examined and weighed and each day their bodies stayed the same, but their weight increased! However they were still able to move around as easily as if they were at their normal weights. This went on for one week with no change until their eighth day back on Earth. On the eighth day, all the women seemed to have reverted back to their original body weights except for Captain Moore. Her weight continued to rise and she said her clothes seemed to be a little tight.

Since the others checked out normal they were issued their releases. They each came to tell the Captain good-bye, and as they shook hands and hugged her a flash of light passed between them!

The contact between the six women started some sort of reaction in the Captain's body. Slowly at first her body started to grow. Her breasts went from the size of small pears to giant watermelons. Her shirt and bra literally burst into shreds. Her hips and legs grew so big so quickly that her pants seemed to disintegrate! However, her belly surpassed any other part of her body, growing out to where it hung to the floor and in front of her at least four feet!

When her growth stopped, it was estimated that she now weighed somewhere around 3000 lbs!

The other women all stood and stared in awe at the sight of their Captain. Then as if on cue, they each started to grow at an incredible rate. Each one's clothing literally exploded from their bodies. Although none of them grew to the size of their Captain, they all fell into the 1500 to 2500 lb. range.

On a small planetoid hidden in the asteroid belt, a group of aliens watch the events taking place on Earth. They watch with what seems to be looks of amusement. Then one of them speaks, "That'll teach them not to trespass where they're not invited!"
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Sj_kettelkamp 3 years
What a great little story! The format and themes remind me a little of the shorts I used to read in sci-fi magazines as a teen. The writing is really high-quality and the twist at the end is very fun. Nice job and thanks for sharing!