Chapter 1 - costumes

“Hold still,” she said as she lifted his side roll. It started at his moobs and then draped around to his back, almost completely encircling him. It was a deep crease, too, and required several passes with the airbrush to get the makeup applied fully. Finally, she let the roll drop gently back into place, then gave it a couple of spritzes to even it out. She looked at it, satisfied. “Good.”

“Can I get up?” He asked, fanning himself with a takeout menu.

“Not yet. Let it dry.”

“I’m hungry.”

“I already called it in. Double order of Pad Thai and so on, on its way.”

“Awesome; thank you,” he settled back into his seat and set his body jiggling.

“Seriously, honey. You’ll mess it up.”


“Etta will be here any minute, and then we’ll do the blending and mottling.”


“All about the details, babe.”

Jason and Jessie had been together for five years, and Halloween was their special day. They’d actually met at a Halloween party - he’d come as Leatherface, the big, lumbering psycho from the chainsaw movies, and she’d come as an axe-murdered cheerleader. It was love at first sight.

He gained sixty pounds that first year, Jessie so eagerly encouraging his already big appetite that she’d given no thought to the coming Halloween until it was upon them. He’d gotten too fat for most off-the-rack rentals, and she refused to give into the last-minute shame of a bed sheet toga. She rummaged through his clothes for any ideas and finally hit on Laurel and Hardy, since it called for him to wear a tight suit, and he had plenty of those. Dressed up they were cute enough, she thought, but it wasn’t all that original. Or all that sexy.

Etta showed up just after the pad Thai arrived, and Jason sat and ate while the girls went to work blending colors and adding texture to their blubbery canvas. Etta had also brought over Jessie’s two-piece, which she’d just finished sewing that morning.

Jason let out a soft burp, and his belly shook. Etta looked up at him, “How you doing there?” He had just filled his mouth, so answered her with a nod and a wave of his fork.

Jessie laughed, “Are you kidding? Big plate of food, eating half-naked, and two gorgeous babes attending him? He’s in hog fat heaven.”

That got him laughing, and Etta sat up until the jiggling subsided and she could get back to work. “Go put on your bikini, Jess. See what you think. I’ve gotta go in about twenty.”

“Okay,” Jessie smiled. She grabbed the bag Etta brought and nearly skipped to her room. She had a feeling this year was going to be freakin’ awesome.

“Is it really metal?” He asked while he scraped the last of the noodles into a pile on his plate.

“Some bits.” She smiled, “I think you’re gonna like it.”

“No doubt,” he chuckled. “I already like it.” He took his last big bite and set the plate down, then considered the egg rolls. Etta noticed.

“Hang on. Before you get going on something else let me do your neck. Well, your chins. You know.”

He nodded and popped in a quick dumpling. “Proceed.”

Suddenly Jessie squealed from the bedroom, “Holy crap is this HOT!”

The spring after Laurel and Hardy, she was browsing the bolts at a local fabric store and came across this luscious satin blend with fat white and blue stripes. It was striking, and reminded her of one of her favorite youthful crushes: Obelix the Gaul, from the Asterix comics she used to read at the library as a kid. Then she flashed ahead, to a vision of her next Halloween with Jason, and smiled.

She’d make a pretty convincing Asterix, she thought. She’d have to dye her hair a comic book blond and get used to a bushy moustache, but she had great tits for a tank top. They’ll really pull the outfit together. Her dog, an off-white mutt, would be a perfect Dogmatix, and Jason would make an amazing Obelix. He’d need to let his hair grow so she could put in some braids, and she’d have to make sure his belly really filled the striped satin pants to come.

At his first fitting he’d had to hold them up. “A bit roomy,” he remarked.

She patted his belly. “We’ve got six months to work on that.”

“Fair enough. Though you know how I can get carried away.”

“That’s okay, greedy one. I made these with plenty of extra room; they are deceptively big pants. So go for it.” And go for it he did. Come October 31 she’d had to let those pants out by another three inches, and he very nearly burst out of them by the last of the parties. By the next Halloween he could barely get them up over his thighs.

Jessie walked out of the bedroom in the full outfit, and Jason stared, dumbfounded. His heart started to pound and his jaw dropped. Etta thought he might start panting. Jessie had put on the whole outfit from headdress to booties, and she looked dynamite. Her full body rocked the metal bikini, and she gave a devilish smirk as she twirled the chain dangling from the collar around her neck.

“Well hello, Jabba. I thought I’d caught a whiff of you.”

Jason’s chubby green hands patted his billowing yellowish forefront, and he rolled out his Jabba laugh, “Hoh, hoh, hoh…”

Etta grinned as she packed up the airbrush and her supplies. “Okay Leia, I shall leave you to your Hutt.”

“Thanks for everything, Etta. He looks amazing.”

“And the bikini is incredible,” Jason smiled.

“My pleasure, you guys.” She pointed to some Jabba-colored cloth. “There’s his wrap. It’s stretchy material and I fitted it big - I figured he’d spend most of the time sitting and need the wider circumference.” Jessie nodded okay as they watched Jason dig into his egg rolls. “But you might want some safety pins if he’s going to keep eating like that.”

“Hah,” Jessie snorted. That’s a safe bet.”

Their third year they’d gone Old Hollywood again, this time as Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. It was a bit of a cheat since those two weren’t together when Welles was really big, but Jason had gotten way fatter than Welles was anyway, and Etta had made Jessie a stunning Gilda dress. They looked great together, and the after-party diner meal kept him feasting till dawn.

Their fourth Halloween they’d gone Harry Potter: she was a sexy-schoolgirl Hermione and he, of course, was Hagrid. A really massive Hagrid. They were a hit - and she kind of liked how pervy it was - but between the hair, beard, overcoat, and blubber, Jason felt like he was going to pass out. All he did that night was sweat.

He eventually recovered enough to demolish more than his share of three different Thanksgiving feasts, but Jessie’s mind just kept nagging her about Halloween. He’d had such a bad time as Hagrid. But what could he go as next year? He’d only continued to blimp up since outgrowing their 550lb scale, and if the past years were any indication, he’d be a hundred pounds heavier by September. He was going to need a huge costume, one that would be light and stay cool. She thought again about the bed sheet toga. “No way, Jess,” she said to herself. “You’re better than that.”

Christmas came, and as Jason munched on gift candy and egg nog Jessie giddily tore open his gift to her. He’d found bootleg copies of pre-special edition Star Wars on bluray, which he knew would thrill her geeky soul. It did, and immediately the costume idea hit her. It was perfect; almost too obvious. She didn’t mention it to him until they were watching Jedi together the next evening. At the first good shot of enslaved Leia lying against Jabba’s belly, she hit pause.

He looked over at her, then back at the TV. “What?” She grinned and pointed at the screen.

“Um, Halloween.”

He looked at the screen and laughed nervously as his dick twitched and started to stiffen. This, he knew, was a great idea.

“He’s gigantic. You really think I’m fat enough to be Jabba the Hutt?”

Jessie leaned in and gave him her best Yoda. “You will be.” She squinted at him. “You will be…”

There were audible gasps when they entered the party. She had stuffed him all year for this, and he was waddling around now at nearly seven hundred pounds. He’d kept his hair long and dyed it green, but was clean-shaven everywhere else. His torso was totally smooth, making him look even softer than usual. His wrap, like an endless sarong, encircled his belly at the equator then hung down in front to hide his legs. In back, it hung far enough to drag on the floor like a tail. Every step lifted his belly and sent it wobbling. His back-and-forth sway got the whole wrap moving, and it actually looked like he was slithering. The gasps were quickly replaced by laughter, whoops, and applause. He held up a fat hand in salute, and Jessie - filling every shining inch of that bikini - curtsied, her breasts threatening to overflow the brass cups. He took up her chain, and she took his fat arm, swinging her hips as she led her Hutt to his seat. Their friends knew his size well, and had prepared a reinforced bench. The table beside it was laden with snacks.

Everyone wanted to snap a picture, and Jessie willingly posed beside her fat guy. The whole thing excited her so much she found it impossible to stay cool; in every picture, she was giggling.

Jason tugged softly on the chain and she came closer. “What are we going to do next year?” He asked, “How do we top this?”

“Next year?” She smiled down at her big, flabby gangster, “Well, this bikini feels fantastic, and I don’t think there’s a size limit on Hutts, so…”

Jason’s eyes glinted. Jessie kissed his cheek and posed for another shot. He licked his lips, and smiled for the camera.
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Littleextra 4 years
I can't believe l'm the first comment! This was an excellent read, thanks for posting it! I love your writing style, the layout of the history of his gain, and the snippets of dialogue that bring it to life. Bravo!