Daarmee heen

chapter 1

I know I've been away for a while, but I'm back and writing again...

Daniel was a shy guy throughout his highschool years. He didn't hang out with other guys, he never did any sports and wasn't really popular. He mostly spent his time off reading or watching YouTube videos till dusk. He had intimate friends and only told them that he was gay, not that being gay meant anything to him, it doesn't express anything and it was nothing to be proud of to him.

The one thing that he didn't disclose to anyone; except for his niece, Kara, who expresses herself vibrantly and is very sexual, and his brother, the first person he told that he was gay, was that he wanted to become fat, well perhaps that's a relative term. He wanted to be absolutely massive. He wanted his stomach to expand past his knees even if he stood, his penis to be burried in his fatpad, to form a double or even tripple chin gracing the middle if his moobs that hanged at his sides pushing his flabby arms out to his sides, his legs spread out wide to make room for his enormous thighs.

Of course he didn't achieve any of these things yet. He was of a normal build, not skinny, neither was he muscular. He was 6'4 at the end of highschool and never had anyone to ever share love with. He never had the chance to hold someone, touch and cuddle someone, have a picnic or do anything wild and exciting with. Some girls did have interests in him, but he told them that he was only interested in his school work and would only want to have a relationship with someone after 12th grade.
This too was a lie, he truly wanted someone. He felt lonely at home. Waiting for his friends to contact him to go braai with them and then not being able to go because of anxiety and then being sad that he didn't go. To say the least... he fell into a dark pit of depression.

After turning 18, he went to a bar(seeing as to how many other depressed people drink their problems away, without having to deal with day to day social standards) He ordered a few shots of vodca, alone. As soon as he got hammered he saw his school buddy and crush(Liam) walk through the door and taking a seat at the counter. Daniel slid over to him.

''Heey, well guess what the cat dragged in?! '' he said inebriated.
''Daniel, are you ok, you don't look so sharp! How much did you have to drink? ''
''O... Oh nothing reaaly, j just four shots of... Uhh vodca and then a big glass of WHISKY'' He said with his alcohol fumes spewing from his mouth.
''Oh, geeze bud, you're wasted. I'll pay and get you a cab or an Uber or, or something! Where do you live? ''
''I don't know, Fairyglen!''
''You're joking right? Nevermind then, you'll be coming with me, I'm staying with a friend and he won't mind if we have you as a guest.''

Liam payed the bill and left the bar half holding Daniel, half dragging him.
They went to Jacques house and Liam immediately put Daniel in the bed where he was actually sleeps.
Daniel started to talk about how much he loved Liam, but Liam supposed that it was more of a brotherly love.

Daniel had always have a soft eye for Liam. And it wasn't uncommon, many girls had feelings for him. He was smart, partook in drama, played rugby, cricket, swam, did athletics and was part of a poetry club. He was 6'5 lean and muscular with an amazing jawline, deep blue eyes with brown hair, gelled to stay in place, big manly hands for comfort and a safehaven being his broad shoulders.
But the talking didn't stop. He kept on about how he wanted to be with him forever, grow big with him.

''Wait, big, what do you mean you want to be BIG with me? '' Liam asked hastly
''I want to be fed and and be massive, you know? I neeever would tell anyone, but you, you should know that I'm a gainer...'' He said still drunk.
Suddenly he snapped awake, as if his secret telling was so overwhelming that all the alcohol had vanished.
''Oh no! I didn't say that, did I !? ''
''You sure did... ''
''Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, it's probably me just drunk talking. Will you forgive me? ''
''Well, I wouldn't say I would... ''
''Why not, aren't we friends anymore?!'' he asked anxiously. He didn't want to alter his friendship with a great person like Liam for the worse.
''I'm not forgiving you, because you didn't do anything wrong. Infact, you said the perfect things. Daniel, I... I want to be a feeder or feedee, whatever it's called, I'm kind of both. I've never told anyone and you being someone who wants to be obese, it makes my worries wash away. I'm into fat guys... I don't know what else to say... Thank you? ''

Daniel sat in astonishment by hearing this from Liam. It was like a wonderful dream. A dreamy guy like Liam, as fit and handsome as him, liking someone like himself...

''So, wanna grab a bite to eat. It's pretty late, but we can always order some pizza or hamburgers with chips...'' Liam replied after a while of silence between the two of them.
''Sure, and hey, I'll pay, since I've ruined your night at the bar and you paid the bill. ''
''It wasn't any trouble.'' He grinned and went to his cellphone and placed his order.
''Hey, I thaught I was going to pay!? ''
''Well, what I have in store is going to blow your mind. ''
''If you say so. ''

The food arrived 20 minutes later, Liam payed the delivery man and took the duffle bag of food.

''Whoah, what's in there?! It's enough food for a family Christmas dinner! ''
''It's 4 pizzas, bread with grilled cheese, smoked sausage, a lot of chips, a 2,5L Coca-Cola bottle, a 5L bucket of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and lastly a can of whipped cream. ''
''You're going all out for our first time doing this, aren't you? ''
''Well it's go big or go home right? '' He laughed as he opened the bag.

The aromas flooded the room. Liam and Daniel's stomachs growled. They dug in. The pizza's were first. Then the burgers. Liam ate 3 hamburgers and 2 pizza's, leaving Daniel 4 hamburgers and 2 pizza's. They were full, but still had a lot of food to eat. They rubbed eachothers bellies, soothing the pain. They helped eachother eat the chips and then finally the grilled cheese-bread. Liam looked into Daniel's eyes and a trembling fear overcame him.

''Can you finnish the ice cream? ''
''5L alone? HOW?!
''Do it for me, please?
''I'll try... ''

Liam took the by now melted ice cream and brought it to Daniel's lips. Liam put his hand on Daniel's head, holding it backwards while slowly tipping the creamy liquid out into the mouth of Daniel.

Soon all of the ice cream was gone.

''Well! '' Daniel said breathing quickly.
''Well, I didn't know I could eat that much... ''
Liam smiled and kissed Daniel.
''Was that our first kiss? Does this mean we are... together now? ''
''I, I don't know, I've never been in a relationship like this... ''
''Well, to celebrate, you have to chug that Cola. ''
''No way, I forgot about it!
''Well. Chug... Chug.. Chug. Chug! ''
Liam drank the Cola, all of it, with help of Daniel, who was stroking his now small belly.

''Ah, now I'm stuffed! ''
''You're stuffed, I ate more than you! ''
''True, but I had to keep a maintained diet to get a figure as good as mine. '' He chuckled when he looked down and couldn't even see his six-pack anymore.

''There's still lots of work to be done, I want to be a superchub.''
This statement startled Liam.
''A superchub? Isn't that, you know, too big? ''
''Are you scared? ''
''No, I'm just worried..."
"About what? "
" Well, I want to be with someone whose health won't be a major factor in determining our lives. ''
''I don't care if you are bed ridden, I'll be there for you, and my father runs a respectable business, and I'm not one for handouts, but he'll help us out financially if we need a caretaker. "
" Well, in that case... "

Liam pounced Daniel by surprised, he kissed him and pulled off his tight jeans and shirt. Daniel pulled off his clothes aswell. His dick was larger than he has ever seen it, throbbing at 7,5'', but what really caught his eye was Liams dick, it was big with veins, a strong elonged dong, probably measuring at 9'' or even 10''!
Daniel had the urge to take it in his mouth. He groped it and then took it slowly at first. Liam felt pleasure strike through his body. The fulness made everything more sensitive. Liam made Daniel bend over, and as he did so, he slapped the big and round ass infront of him. Slipping his shaft into Daniel. Thrusting faster and faster until he pulled out and let a long steady stream of cum spew over the couch and ontop of Daniel.
Now it was Daniels turn. Liam took the can of whipped cream and sprayed it onto Daniels now 8'' cock. He licked it off, soothingly and tenderly. Daniel whimpered with pleasure. And then Daniel took his bulging dick and shoved it into Liams ass. After a long sensual time, he came.

They sat down, drenched in sweat.

''Same time tomorrow? '' Liam asked Daniel sheepishly.
''Go big or go home right? You come over to my place. I'll cook something special. '' They lay in the bed together, holding eachother.

Daniel left the next morning and went home with a warm heart, he found his true love. He'll grow to be atleast a 1000lbs and Liam, maybe not as much or perhaps he'll surprise him. What will he cook was the number one question crossing his mind. Something delicious, so good it'll be a shame not to eat everything. Ah, he has it. Tonight he'll make his grandmothers special stew, a family of four can't even eat it all, but they try. Liam would love it, he thought to himself.

Chapters to follow. What do you think?
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