Sub sahara african lifestyle

chapter 1

This is my second story on this topic. A bit more fantasy or facts of how I see how Western diets have grown the world into many shapes and sizes.

I would love to have all of the American fast food chains all here in South Africa. I mean, who wouldn't? Dunkin Donuts , Baskin Robins, Wendy's etc. Of coarse Dunkin Donats and Baskin Robins are here (for the last year), But they only have one shop each in the entire Cape Town and Johannesburg!

Can't they do better than that? Imagine the entire world eating at theire joints. Obese would be the normal and no one will give you that look that says "Ew" or "Get that slob out of here". The world would be so much friendlier would it not?
I think so.

Bellies would swurce everywhere , no need to hide it. Every kind of food would be loved. Would be bought. People would just order it online , no need to walk or drive. Whats the matter America? Cant spread your invention fast enough. I'm not trying to be mean but come on WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH of your delicious fast food! But sorry to say here 1$ is over 14 Zar (Rand) And a normal Donut is R30 and the smallest meal at Mc Donalds over R35. I bet if it was more wide spread more people would be able to buy it.

"Too expensive!" Some exclaim. But what if the food was more mass produced would the world not have a billion more overwheight people. Not that everyone wants to be obese or overwheight but feedees and feeders would not mind. I love the ide of heavy people on every corner of the street eating donuts, pie , french fries and hot dogs , pizza and milkshake, Ice cream cones overglowing with ice cream and toppings , who would bot want that? I know I would love the sight.

Obese people walking in malls all alongside me would give me the thrilling sensation to become one indeed!
Worsrolletjies , boerewors , biltong around a braai was the old way of gaining weight here in South Africa , but thanks to Western culture and food we now have many more fattening choices to make. "Brannas en Coke" just became Milkshakes and Double cream.

I scream you scream we all scream for Obesity!
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AshBear 6 years
I think this would probably be better as a topic in the message boards. There's no story to it.
JJR1999 6 years
Thank you , marb. I also liked to see that part of the Simpsons. Do you have any dunkin donut places where you are? , seeing that you are also South African