Doggy gets fat

Chapter 1 - doggy eats

Lauren, the plump young girl, went downstairs to see her doggy. He was happily eating his dog food. Lauren's mother came in. "Lauren, make sure he doesn't eat too much. That dog is a little overweight" she said.

Lauren looked at the lazy dog. "Maybe you are getting chubby, little pup". She squeezed the dog's soft brown belly. He moaned. "Are you hungry, my doggie?" Lauren got up and gave him 3 of his dog treats. He happily ate and woofed at his owner. "Good dog!" She rubbed his tummy. He rolled over happily.

Lauren got up and roasted a chicken. Doggy ran around her legs, excited for his food. Lauren then melted butter over the chicken. He barked excitedly. "I'm going to feed you, doggy!" "Woof! Woof!" Lauren pulled off a buttery, meaty chicken leg. Doggy jumped up and ate it hungrily.

"You like that? I'm going to fatten you up, pup!" She fed the dog handfuls of buttered chicken. He happily licked her hand. He had eaten the whole chicken. He laid down, belly bulging. "Woof....." She rubbed his round belly. BUUUUUUURP! The greedy pup let out a loud smelly burp. She rubbed his belly "What a good boy!"

He went to sleep with a happy, full puppy belly.

After 2 weeks of feeding, he had become a very fat dog. Lauren had been feeding him with all kinds of dog treats and meats. He was laying in his dog bed. Lauren rubbed and jiggled his huge fat doggy belly. He woofed happily. She fed him a big slice of creamy cake. "Woof....woofffff". He was a huge, fat, meaty, jiggling pet. Lauren loved seeing him get fatter and eating. She made him a roast beef dinner.
He ate 4 plates full of dinner, then licked the plates. "Pup, you're a huge lardbutt!" She squeezed his fattened butt, and rubbed his thick legs. He licked her face happily. She rolled him over and gave him deep hard belly rubs. "Wooooffffhhhh" This really excited the fat dog. He rolled over to hide how turned on he was. He wagged his little tail and fell asleep.

"I love you, puppy fatty". Lauren rubbed his jiggling beefy belly, then covered him up for bed.
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TurtleFace01 2 years
I think u should add more,stretch the storie out more. I think it would be amazing
Ljgammage 3 years
Ever thought of doing a part 2 and 3 where that puppy grows even bigger?