My big feed

Chapter 1 - chubby pig

I lay in bed, and I was very hungry. I shouted for my auntie. "What is it?" she said. "I NEED FOOD" "OK!" She brought me a salad and an apple. "Hey I'm a growing boy, I need more than that" "ok!" She went to get more food as I ate. She brought me 2 ham sandwiches, crisps and a slice of cake. "This is more like it" I said to her as I stuffed my face! I ate the delicious sandwiches, my face stuffed full of the lovely white bread and ham from a well fattened piggy. I had one sandwich left so I filled it with the crisps. I ate. Then I stuffed the thick slice of cake into my lips. The chocolate went all over my face so I licked it off. Delicious! I rubbed my fattening belly. 'I hope this gets fatter' I thought.
My auntie was out shopping. I went to the kitchen. I undressed myself and got a big cooked chicken. I got out some chips. I got out the bread and made 10 chicken sandwiches, thickly buttered. I ate and ate. My belly was full of sandwiches and chips. I was so stuffed but there was some chicken left over. I ate it up. The door opened. It was my auntie. "What are you doing, chubby?" she said, poking my belly. "I'm only having a little snack" "Little? You ate a whole chicken, and all that bread!" "I'm sorry" "Don't be sorry!" "You need food!" She took me upstairs. "Look at your belly, it's so chubby and cute!" "Let's fatten this little puppy up!" She brought the milk upstairs. She shoved the bottle in my face. "Drink all this" "Ok!" I sipped it up. Delicious. "Now let's see what you weigh, my chubby pup!" She put me on the scales. '190lb' "Hey, you're getting nice and fatty!" "Thanks, but I want to get even fatter, I need to eat more food"
She took me to
McDonald's. "What do you want?" "I'll have 5 double cheeseburgers, 3 large fries and a big milkshake" "ok little piggy" The girl at the counter was a beauty. She was short with lovely long blonde hair, and she had a pretty chubby face. Her McDonald's outfit was unbuttoned at her very big belly. She couldn't fit in it. "Here's your food!"

To be continued
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