Double happiness-2 girls 1 big boy

  By Merenweatherby

chapter 1

Sophie and I both loved big men. And when Jon showed up on Monday at work in our large, new company office -- a new computer tech guy -- we exchanged a look of pure delight... and optimism, as we know most guys fantasize about threesomes, but large men often think they have even less of a chance, which to us has always just seemed silly.

Sophie and I were occasional lovers, both divorced in our forties, both in management positions - in completely different areas of the same large company. We worked out together, had even shared an apartment when we first moved to Seattle, but now lived separately in the same building - a well kept, brick low-rise, not far from the ocean. We both had money now, so it seemed fitting we should have our own space. But we were still very close.

Jon was younger than us by about 10 years, not that it mattered. we were fit, attractive, and fun, and we both loved big boned men - stocky, with some muscle, well-proportioned, but with some extra flesh, especially in the belly.

Jon had moved from Chicago, didn't know anyone, and being a computer guy was shy, smart, and seemed to be an under-appreciated kind of person. Both of us liked him immediately.

Sophie and I loved each other and we loved sharing. We were unusual I suppose in that way. We had a bond that couldn't be broken. Besides that neither of us were looking for anything serious after our recent divorces.

Unsurprisingly, the cute 30ish Jon accepted our invitation to come over for dinner at Sophie's; the three of us agreeing on that because my place was being repainted and stank to high heaven. I'm guessing he thought this was a most fortunate opportunity.

As usual, even in early May, it had been a wet, cold, week. But Friday couldn't come soon enough. And the weather didn't matter.
Both Sophie and I loved to cook, especially for men. We were a tag team - alternating chef and lover - we'd done this sort of thing before, but we were really looking forward to welcoming Jon, and satisfying his every need.

He arrived on time, damp, cold, and bundled up in the wrong gear for Seattle weather. But who could blame him. Wet cold and dry cold are not at all the same thing.

We welcomed him at the door, he'd brought a couple of bottles of very good red wine, which paired perfectly with the pasta we were preparing for him.

He was about 6 feet, and we guessed about 300 pounds, maybe more, dark hair and brown eyes, big build, but definitely carrying quite a few extra pounds, his belly was large and round and firm, not yet cascading over his belt yet, but it would eventually happen to a man of his size. We led him into the living room, taking his wet coat and umbrella to dry in the entrance way.

He was not exactly athletic, although he had a nice build, and was winded from walking the 6 blocks uphill from our office. We plied him with wine and cheese and crackers and pate and made a fire, yes, in May. He sank down heavily into the sturdy couch and after a glass of wine seemed to relax quite nicely, eating everything on the tray. He loosened his belt as his already substantial belly was filling up; it was larger and rounder already it seemed. it looked heavier, but he seemed comfortable ... putting his hands on it, feeling it's increasing size.

'I'm not going to be able to eat the main course if you two keep feeding me all this' he said. But none of us believed that as he couldn't keep all that weight on without eating a lot, consistently. We brought out some nuts, candied salmon and more crackers, and some tortilla chips and homemade guacamole... by this time we were all a little tipsy. Sophie and I took turns feeding him, letting him have most of the appetizers we'd made. We could see was happy, and getting full. His belly looked bloated, but his guard was down after a few glasses of wine, so we convinced him to take off his belt, and then his pants. We could see it was uncomfortable for him to be so full and and restricted by his clothing. I took off his pants, and noticed the size was a 52, no wonder they seemed too tight. He looked happy after I took them off, his belly expanded, the heavy mass spreading out across his big thighs. I wondered if the weight of his belly on his cock turned him on.

He certainly seemed to like rubbing his growing gut. eventually he took my hand, gently placing it on the mass of heavy, round flesh.
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I think I need a nice cold shower now...
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Every reread it gets are so good
Built4com4t 5 years
Can't stay away...brilliant turn on
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Ultimate fantasy 🤤
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love it...nicely done, you pushed all the pushable buttons. more please :-)