The big date

chapter 1

i hated the idea of online dating but at the same time i realized there was no getting around it. so i went on tinder for a day, and i, of course, like any woman, was overwhelmed by the responses. i made it clear i like large men with large bellies, more than twice my size-120/5'4"- and after swiping away the chaff, settled on two the first day, exchanged contact info, and deleted my profile.

i met my first date at a fancy hotel bar. luckily he looked exactly like his profile pic so i spotted him immediately in the crowded room. i sat down and we chatted easily, while i tried to see exactly how big he was without being too obvious. he was wearing a suit jacket and a white t-shirt. sitting down it looked like he had a very large belly, and a large build in general. the jacket, buttoned up but definitely straining to reach around his girth, which, sitting, i guessed was at least 55 inches, maybe 60. he had a big head, a chubby face, and a thick neck, padded with a lot of fat. when he sat back in his chair, he rested his chubby hands on the shelf of his impressively round, protruding belly. he had thick thighs too, really thick. there was a large bowl of salty snacks and nuts on the table. he cleaned bowl, and two refills.

when he finished the last nut he sighed and leaned back in his chair, running his hands over his solid gut. rubbing it slowly he said, i've gained 50 lbs in the last year, a lot of stress, mom died dad died a couple years back, broke up with my girlfriend after 9 years of living together, sedentary job, promotion, no time to exercise...

well you have a really big frame, i said, it looks good on you.

thanks, he said, but at 300 lbs and 6 ft. - haven't weighed myself in ages, so it's probably even more - i'm considered 'obese'. my doctor told me i have a BMI of 42 and that i need to lose weight. i want to, but it's really hard with my lifestyle, and i love cooking, and eating of course. he smirked and said, so where shall we go for dinner?

we got up and walked out into the warm night, he was sweating profusely, and kept wiping the sweat away with a handkerchief, which i'm sure he always had on hand. he walked slowly, with some effort, even with his strong, thick legs, the weight was obviously difficult to carry around, especially in the heat. he took off his jacket, his white t-shirt was tight and a bit too small, it didn't quite cover his huge stomach, and i could see his underbelly hanging over his belt - a few inches of thick flesh; a tease. he kept pulling his shirt down, but it immediately rode up again. he seemed a bit embarrassed.

this is a 3XL, he said, but it's too small for me now that i've piled on all this extra weight... what do guys who are bigger than me do?

i think they just own it, i said, and let their bellies show. i smiled and took the chance to reach over to touch it, i pulled his shirt down a bit, but then just slid my hand under it, feeling the heaviness, the warmth, the packed, hard, smooth flesh.

mmmmm, he moaned, do you like that?

i love it, i said, it's a gorgeous belly, you should be proud. we both laughed. i said, how about right here? they make really great pizza -- gourmet.. you said you like cooking right?

love it, he said, i usually cook at home, and i like baking too. cookies, cakes, anything sweet, as you can probably tell. he put his hands on each side of his belly, patting it to emphasize the point.

once we were seated we ordered drinks and he insisted on two large, loaded pizzas, one cream, one tomato base.

leftovers, he said.

good plan i said as put down the menu. since we were in the corner and the restaurant was dark, i took off my shoes and asked him if it was ok to put my feet in his lap. he had to hold onto them to keep them from falling off, as his seated belly spread out over his thighs, almost reaching his knees. i buried my feet under his warm flesh. i could feel his hard cock and wondered if he got turned on by his own gut pressing down on his dick. i bet he did. i made a mental note to ask him later.
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BeSoft 5 years
Hell so arousing! I need to find a petite girl who's desperate for big bellies. So she can massage my belly when im too full to move and even fatten me up to the huge portions of obesity.

Thank you for this exciting brillant story ma'am!
Built4com4t 5 years
even better the second (and third :-) ) reads
Built4com4t 5 years
Very very nice
Fatrnfatr 5 years
Captivating and soooo hot!
Merenweatherby 5 years
thank you. you are my number one fan :-)
and yes there will be more...
Built4com4t 5 years
wow! love it...gotta be more than two chapters :-)
what a treat.