Excerpts from: the diary of a feedee bloke

chapter 1

23 Feb 2014

feelin a bit queasy!

I'm so full I feel a bit sick! but I'm gaining! Up to 182lbs from 175lbs in a fortnight! Woo! :)


2 8 Feb 2014

My wonderful dreams and my gluttonous day!

I woke up about 7 am after a load of weird and wonderful dreams which besides various side issues (my being in odd rooms with big windows and four poster beds and torn curtains) featured various women wandering in and out - some sexy and others business like - all bringing more and more food for me to eat! I was looking down at my belly and fat man-tits both of which were a good deal bigger than I am right now and very flabby and swollen and pink, while I stuffed my face steadily and contentedly... Some of the women encouraged me to eat more while others made critical remarks about how fat I was getting... Both of which I loved! It was ace I felt like such happy fat pig! I think I weighed about 250lbs in my dream versus about 190lbs (and pretty flabby with it) when I got on the scale just now... Although about 6lbs of that is probably food in my fat gut because:

I phoned in sick to work today just so I could spend all day in bed stuffing my face!
I get so turned on when I feel my belly stuffed to bursting and after those dreams I couldn't resist!

I started off with a big mixing bowl of coco pops drowned in 2 pints of full fat milk and about a quarter bag of sugar (that's about 1/2lb I think) there was lots of sludgy chocolate sugar at the bottom that I spooned up - which really got the heart racing... There's a Greggs (greasy bakery) not to mention a chippy, a chinese, a pizza place, a curry house and a kebab place!! a few doors down from the flat I rent (big reasons I chose it in the first place when I moved last month)... There's a very pretty brunette girl with fabulous big round breasts and a cute mouth who works in there, she was quite flirty with me when I first moved in about a stone (14lbs) ago, but I've noticed her checking out my increasing belly - which is stretching all my T-shirts a bit tight and peeking out from under the shorter tighter ones... Of course I deliberately wear the tighter T-shirts and my tighter jeans to show off that little fat roll... I quite often bounce it into Greggs twice a day... Anyhow this girl is getting a bit sneery "Oh, hello again, y'know you should just move in and live here!" and "We've got a two for one offer on these cheese and onion pasties - you'll want half a dozen right?" and just yesterday "you REALLY enjoy your food, eh?" lots of stuff like that... all of which I respond to with a happy "yes" all the while getting turned on by her barely hidden disgust...

I picked up 12 jam doughnuts (they're so cheap) and 6 greasy pasties and got a great fake smile off the Gregg's girl and a tart "This your brunch, eh?" I said "Yeah, I'm hungry today..." "I reckon you're hungry every day" she says fake smile still in place "True enough, I'm a growing lad" I replied... She kind of coughed and sniffed a bit at the same time and said "Heh... " (I could tell she wanted to say "YEAH, YOU FAT GREEDY PIG!") "Well you better get 'em all down you - you don't wanna waste time it'll be lunch in a couple of hours..." I smiled and left the shop she called out "See you tomorrow!" and very quietly I just made out under her breath "you fat bastard"... I could hear her scrawny spotty mate stifle a giggle as the door closed...

So I took my h*rd on home and with the help of a can of squirty cream I made the jam donuts balloon out just like my fat belly! They kind of burst when you bite into them - it's very exciting... When I got to the last two I was starting to feel sick from the sugar so a started in on the salty greasy pasties swilling them down with coke... I'm not sure what time it was but when I finished them I kinda passed out on the sofa for a bit, rubbing my belly - which almost felt sore...

I woke up again just gone 12 and had to change into trackky bottoms as I couldn't get my jeans done up again even tho my gut had gone down some... a cup of tea and the last two donuts gave me the energy to hit the off licence for an 8 pack of lager and the chippy for "one fish and two chips plus scraps please"... They're massive portions there - one chips (that's fries to Americans) is like twice the size of a McDs biggest fries... For those outside UK "scraps" are all those little grease soaked bits of crispy batter chippies normally bin but will give you free if you ask - they're great with loads of salt... I passed Greggs on the way back and the brunette clocked me - I saw her nudge her friend, nod at me and do the "Cheeks blown up" fat face! I gave her a big smile and a little wave very concious of the inch or so of belly flesh proudly showing between my trackkies and my T-shirt... I wished i was eating right then but with a bag in each hand I'd've had to have been a juggler... I'd really love to have her come round to my place and tell me what a fat hog I am while I gorge myself in front of her!

I smothered the fish and chips in tommy sauce and ploughed thro it all while vaguely goggling the telly... God daytime TV is such sh*te!... it took a couple of cans of lager to cut through the grease and my belly was proper bulging out, resting on my thighs... I kept belching to try and ease the pressure but I was proper bloated... To be honest I took some special private time right there and then if you know what I mean, and then half lay half sat on the couch so I could pass out again...

I think it was about 4 when I came to again - I hit the Mars Bars (two standard size) and the Walkers (crisps - that's chips to Americans) I think I did 3 salt and vinegar "grab bags" with a couple more cans of lager... So by then i had the beer munchies big time which meant another trip out for pizza from the Dominos and a couple of burgers from the Chinese (yes I know burgers aren't chinese but don't blame me, blame cultural cross contamination or whatever, anyway my local chinese does great big proper half pounders with loads of onion)... To be honest I was eating on automatic by the evening with my belly pressing down on my crotch... It took me til about 10 to finish that lot and I was a little bit sick in my mouth a couple of times towards the end (beery.. ewww) but I managed to swallow it down...

I'm just finishing myself (nudge, wink, oo-er) off with some vanilla ice cream and a couple of bounty bars and I really feel like I might burst any minute! It's wonderful and I'm soooo horny... I could really do with a lady feeder to rub my bloated belly! :)

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