Fattening james

  By Fatty250

Chapter 1 - darkness

I awake in a pitch black room. It is silent. Somehow, I can't even hear myself. There is absolutely no way I can perceive anything through vision or hearing. I struggle trying to get up out of my sitting position, and realize i can't.

"What is this?! Why are my hands and feet all clamped down under metal? Is anyone there?"

Silence greets me.

There is also a larger clamp holding me down that extends over my chest and stomach.

I start to cry, beginning to feel the pain of loneliness and uncertainty, after being awake for less than 5 minutes here.

Then I hear a loud bang as the only door opens and lights are turned on. The lights are blindingly bright, because I had been sitting in darkness. They, in truth, were a normal brightness, like a lamp. The door is metallic and reinforced, and I realize that no figure is on the other side. It must have opened on its own, or something. The entire room, in fact, appears to be metallic. I wonder if it is soundproof. Based on the silence within, I would say so.

A television embedded in the far wall turns on. It displays a threatening message.

"Welcome to the farm, pig."

In red writing surrounded by black. This message is very disturbing.

Then, the message changes.

"You will be... Changed... By the time you leave here. Not that you will want to. I am your master, you are to do whatever I say when I say it."

This message is even more disturbing than the last one. I don't exactly know what to make of it.

The messages are still in red writing surrounded by black, and are the only thing on the television screen.

The message changes.

"Now, for a test, pig. You will put the mask that drops down from the ceiling onto your face. If not, prepare for pain. Lots of pain."

This message is extremely troubling..... All I can think to do is panic as I wait for the mask to drop.

As expected, a pipe starts coming down from the ceiling. A mask is attached to it at the bottom. The pipe leads into the mouth of the mask. I noticed two smaller pipes leading into the nostrils.

All of the clamps release.

After a while, the mask extending from the ceiling reaches me. I equip it.

The message changes.

"Well, done, pig. You're a smart one. I guess I don't have to torture you now. You may notice that the headphones you were wearing have been taken off your head. They kept you in silence. You will be wearing them again later, so don't think for a minute they are gone forever. Also, you are not free. If you try to stand up I will subject you to pain. So don't. Your clamps may be gone, but I still own you."

Air starts to travel into me through the nostrils as a thick fluid inches its way down the large tube that leads to my mouth. It has not yet reached me, but will soon.

Before I was captured, I had been nineteen. I suppose I am still nineteen. I was planning on going to college, a dream that I now realize is crushed.

It is now that I realize I am not wearing many clothes. I am wearing no shirt and no pants, as well as no socks or shoes. I am wearing, instead of my boxers that I normally would wear, white briefs.

The headphones come back on my head. They repeatedly say, "You want to get fat. Your fat makes your owner happy. You want to please your owner. You are happy when you are fat."

They say this over and over again, on an endless loop, as the liquid makes its way inside me. It tastes heavenly. I crave it.

The message changes.

"Yes, pig. Keep drinking the liquid."

I start to feel full after a few minutes, and then I want the liquid to stop.

But it doesn't stop, it won't stop until it wants to stop. Until then, I will be fed.

It starts to hurt, and I see my perfectly sculpted abs beginning to fade as a bloated belly covers them up. My stomach is so hard right now.

Then, about ten minutes later, when the pain is almost unbearable, it stops. The headphones covering my ears are still there, though, urging me to become fat.

I gasp for air. Despite having had a constant flow of air through my nostrils, fresh air is so appealing right now.

The message on the television changes.

It says, "Weight: 140 pounds."

I assume it is monitoring my weight

Exhausted from the rush of food I just received, I collapse and fall asleep.
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335443735 6 years
Love this captured type of story! Keep the great details up!
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Nicely done.
Fatty250 6 years
In case there is confusion because of events in chapter 2, I am not the person that was kidnapped and this is not an autobiography. I am writing this as if James is the one writing the story. Hopefully that makes sense. If further clarification is needed,
Fatty250 6 years
Thanks! Chapter 2 is coming soon.
Fatlilboy 6 years
I love this - please don't wait until continuing. I'm on the brink