chapter 1

Robert had always been athletic, with a toned, sexy body. Girls had always fallen for him, but he did not want them. The problem was that he was gay. He had always secretly admired males. As a senior in high school, he decided to finally work up the courage to ask John, who he liked very much, out.

John was never athletic, like Robert was, but he certainly was not chubby at all. He was also gay, but neither of them knew the other was gay. Our story begins here. The final quarter of Robert and John's high school career.


"Hey, Robert," Chelsea said affectionately, "How about we go out on a date sometime?"

"Oh, no thanks." He replied.

"But...." she countered, "I won't have anyone to love if you don't..."

"Too bad, not my problem." Robert shouted over his shoulder as he hurried away, to his next class.

At lunchtime that day, Robert approached John.

"Hey..." Robert greeted John, "How are you?"

"Good," John replied, "I'm so glad that someone is finally taking an interest in talking to me.You are the first student at this school to speak to me in the past six years. It's just so lonely....."

"Do you want to go to a movie sometime or something?" Robert asked, "I have been looking for someone to go with me to a film but if you don't want to go then-"

"Sure," John said, cutting off Robert mid-sentence.

So they agreed to meet and see a predetermined film. They found one that looked interesting. The description on the movie theater's website said, "This film has been rated R for the numerous sex scenes within it. However, a whale is saved from drowning."

They thought it was a very vague description, with little detail describing the movie itself. However, teenage boys love their sex scenes.

********(At the movie)*************

"Oh, this is not what I had expected it to be at all," John said.

"I didn't think.... they meant a fat woman was the whale.. who got saved from drowning....." Robert replied. "She has sex five times a day, seriously?"

"I guess so."

Then, the two turned toward each other. Robert and John both noticed how much they liked each other, and began a passionate kiss that lasted until the movie concluded.

******************************** ***

"Wait, wait, wait.... You are telling me Robert turned you down, Chelsea???" Asked Hannah, Chelsea's best friend.

"Yes...." Chelsea sobbed. He doesn't like me. He is in love with Regina, probably. I hate Regina. She is so hot and I'm just not."

"Yes you are, and we are going to prove to Robert that you are the definition of sexy. He'll have no choice but to fall in love with you. But first, we deal with Regina...."
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Fatty250 6 years
Let me know if you like it so far, and suggest some ideas if you have any about what should happen next!
Fatty250 6 years
More chapters are coming soon! Until then, you'll just have to ponder what happens to Regina and Robert because of Chelsea's revenge!