Feeder to feedee

chapter 1

Ethan walked out of the apartment and belched rubbing his bloated belly. He was the feeder how on earth did he eat that much? Of course, he supposed he only had a very light snack compared to the gainer he had been stuffing full of food. The guy had been tipping the skills at a very flabby 450 pounds. Ethan remembered with relish how the man had struggled to haul himself to the door and open it when Ethan arrived. The thought of stuffing food into the waiting maw of the man kept a smile on Ethan's face (and an erection in his pants) all the way home.
Ethan checked the clock as soon as he got home, 2:00am. "God these stuffing sessions can be long" he thought. He stripped to his underwear and admired himself in the bathroom mirror. Though he was pretty bloated from snacking on some of his feedee's food his abs were still clearly visible. He was of about average height with a slender chiseled face and light blonde hair. He flexed his well-muscled arms and rubbed his large 8-inch cock. "Yes", he thought to himself "you are one very good-looking feeder". He brushed his teeth and was off to bed.

3 Weeks Later
Ethan belched under his breath as lifted a forkful of pasta from a heaping plate to his mouth. He looked across the table at some of his coworkers who had been matching him mouthful for mouthful, he had no clue how they were holding all this food he was stuffed. Ethan reached down to loosen his belt only to discover that he was not wearing one. "That is odd" he thought to himself but just that moment one of his co-workers spoke to him and he forgot all about the mystery of the over tight pants.

The Next Morning
The next morning, a Saturday, Ethan was getting dressed to go out with some friends. He pulled on a pair of his jeans and found that they were much tighter around the thighs then he remembered, and that he had to tug harder to get them up. When he finally got them pulled up all the way he found they were almost skin tight around his thighs and ass. "They must have shrunk in the wash he thought to himself". As he struggled to button them it became clear to him that these did not shrink in the wash. He was fatter. Bewildered, and slightly turned on, he rushed into the bathroom to try and figure out what was happening. He stared at himself in the mirror. It was still the same chiseled jaw and face but his chest and stomach had changed. Instead of his abs there was a slight bulge around his waist revealing a fairly significant spare tire. His ass was also rounder and fleshier.
In shock Ethan hopped on the scale. A couple weeks ago when he last weighed himself he had been 160 pounds of lean muscle, but now he watched as the number on the scale ticked up to 175 pounds. 15 pounds in 3 weeks. It's not like Ethan should have been surprised. After starting his new job four weeks ago he had stopped going to the gym very often because he was so busy. He also knew he had been indulging too much in his stuffing sessions with feedees and his coworkers. Yet he had no clue he was putting on this much weight. Yet thought Ethan it is not like he hated it. In fact, he kind of liked it and was interested to see where it could go from here.
Ethan resolved to nothing to stop his weight gain. His sucked in his belly and buttoned his jeans with difficulty, deciding to wear them while he still could. Then he threw on an overly tight tank top and left the house.
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